15+ WhatsApp Link Generator Tool: A-to-Z Guide for Beginners!

In this article, I am going to tell you 15+ WhatsApp Link Generator Tool. so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about it, so let’s start.

The WhatsApp link generator enables you to contact your preferred retailer through your preferred app while conserving lots of contacts with just one click. You’ve come to the right site if you’re also curious about the WhatsApp link generator and how to create a WhatsApp link.

In this article, we’ll address all of your concerns, suggest some WhatsApp link generators, and explain how to utilize them. That’s not all; for all of our WhatsApp users, we have a really special app that you can use with these link generator tools to make the WhatsApp interaction smoother. Let’s dive into our topic then.

WhatsApp Link Generator

Today’s article focuses on the same,i.e, “15+ WhatsApp Link Generator Tool”. The articles entail each bit of information necessary for you to know. 

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What is the WhatsApp Link Generator?

WhatsApp link generators are tools that provide you with a URL to redirect anyone clicking on it to your WhatsApp account. Anyone who wishes to get in touch with you can do so by clicking the link, which will take them straight to your WhatsApp inbox where they can quickly ask for advice or assistance.

This will make it much easier for you to reach out to more people, as well as those who want to get in touch with you. Additionally, it gives people an easy way to contact you, which can help you expand and greatly enhance your traffic. You can contact your preferred contact with just one click, saving you the headache of having to save a lot of contacts.

The Official WhatsApp Link Generator

For users who are in the business world, WhatsApp has a built-in link-generating feature. A WhatsApp Business account is required for this.

To create/generate a short link in WhatsApp Business, perform the following steps:

  • Tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen to open the Settings menu.
  • After you’ve opened the settings menu, select WhatsApp Business Settings.
  • On WhatsApp Business settings, you will see the Short Link option. Tap on that and your link will be generated. If you want to share it, tap on the sharing icon, and various options will be displayed. Select your preferred social media to share the link.

However, this option is only available to WhatsApp Business users, but don’t worry—we’ve come up with a solution. So just read on.

15+ WhatsApp Link Generator Tool

Below we are going to tell you about 15+ WhatsApp Link Generator Tool. which is as follows.

1. Wa.link

One of the finest WhatsApp link generators on the market today. The main benefit of using this tool is that you can skip a number of difficult procedures. The user interface is quite welcoming, and they even offer a preview of the user’s screen after they click your link.

You also have the opportunity to add a brief instance message, which is a very useful feature of this program. For instance, you can include a personalized message like “How to purchase?” if you place the link below your products. This will further enhance the experience for your clients.

2. Wati.io

Wati is one of the most comprehensive WhatsApp link generator tools. It’s really easy to generate WhatsApp links via Wati.io. Their interface is user-friendly and they seem to offer a lot more than other websites. All you need to do is just enter your WhatsApp number and click the Generate link. Furthermore, you can integrate Wati with other well-known platforms like Zoho, Google Sheets, Shopify, WooCommerce, Chrome, and a lot more.

3. Postcron

Postcron is among the most popular tools for creating links to WhatsApp accounts. “Postcron” is definitely a feasible choice for individuals who wish to share it directly on their user accounts. Even a graphic demonstration of how to share WhatsApp links on social media is provided. Furthermore, its UI is easy to use and works seamlessly.

4. Forwardaction.uk

A seamless WhatsApp link generator with some cool features like customized messages. Furthermore, it has various sharing options. Almost with a tap, you can generate a link to your WhatsApp account and share it throughout the web. It is accessible in several languages and can be integrated with some of the applications listed on its website.

5. Join.chat

Another simple and user-friendly tool for creating WhatsApp links. Simply enter your phone number to instantly generate the link. This tool is quite basic. There is no need for you to go through a brief tutorial, which paradoxically makes things more difficult. The best thing about this tool is that bloggers can still benefit from it even if they choose a straightforward choice. They have a customized WhatsApp plugin with several functions. The cherry on top is that they provide complete help in Spanish as well.

6. Delightchat.io

Well, Delightchat.io is a unified dashboard for all channels with which you can reply to all of your customers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Apart from generating links via this, it also offers you the chance to send broadcast messages, which boosts your sales greatly. Other features to ensure significant growth include cart recovery, sending the order confirmation, notifications/alerts, tracking notifications, and verifying cash on delivery.

7. ChatWith.IO

Just stop using the time-consuming and tiresome process of contacting/interacting with clients through forms and emails. With chatwith.io connections, invite them to contact you right away. Additionally, it has a very user-friendly interface and the choice to insert a quick, personalized auto-typed message for the convenience of your consumers. They also provide possibilities for integrating payments, creating WhatsApp polls, and other features in their premium package. If you are a busy seller and lack the time to handle everything, including complaints, orders, and payments, You could find that this is the best tool for you. 

8. Engati.com

Similar to Delight.io, Engati.com also enables you to be in touch with your customers from all social media platforms via a single view box. It has great AI chatbots, which are really great. Furthermore, you can generate leads, provide seamless support to your customers, and provide them with a balance of automation with a human touch. It also allows you to set up quick replies and collaborate with customers in a live chat.

You can find the Engati link generator tool on the website itself. Just enter your number and click submit. The link will be displayed. However, if you integrate it with applications, it will take time, but using it is definitely worth it and affordable.

9. Whatsapp

One of the most effective and quick tools available online for business growth is SEO. On their home screen, WhatsHash gives users the ability to build a WhatsApp link. You only need to enter your WhatsApp number and click the “create a link” button to get your short link in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, you get a Chrome plugin for managing several WhatsApp contact links with this. They provide WhatsApp connectivity and poll generators in their Android apps. Most of their options are free, unlike those of their competitors. 

10. Chat API

Another tool that fully supports Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese is On this website, you may build your WhatsApp link directly from the home page. When your client clicks on your link, you can also add a personalized message that will be sent to their WhatsApp account.

11. Chatwerk.de

Chatwerk.de with Germany as its origin is really worth it. The best part about this is that they have an application too, but it’s your choice to install it and use it directly via your browser.

Some of the best features of Chatwerk.de include higher conversion rates, better sales, and fast customer service. It has three plans: Free for free, Business Plan at 29€/month, and WhatsApp at 59€/month.

12. Wassmee.us

The most straightforward tool for creating your WhatsApp link. To acquire your link, simply input your WhatsApp number on the home screen and press the “create” button. People who prefer simplicity will find its relatively straightforward UI very useful.

13. Gallabox.com

The thing to know about Gallabox.com is that it has no code bots. This simply implies you have a wide number of choices from their library to choose from. You can easily deploy those pre-built bots to automate your customers’ conversations. Furthermore, you can customize those chatbots without any prior tech experience and can also integrate them with CRM or any other business app.

Its link-generation tool is also very easy and within fractions, it is at your hand. The UI is too simple and friendly.

14. Avant Marketing

If you want to create your custom WhatsApp link, there is still another really straightforward software you may use. To access the link generator option, scroll down the home screen. To get your customized link, enter your WhatsApp number there and click the generate button.

15. Botpenguin.com

 With the help of BotPenguin, an AI-powered chatbot platform, you can rapidly and effortlessly create amazing chatbots that can interact with and engage your consumers on websites, Facebook Messenger, and other platforms.

It offers 4 kinds of Chatbot which are customizable and provides you with 24×7 Availability, No Human Errors, Zero Waiting Time for your customers, Higher Conversion Rate and Automation. It has three plans namely Baby, King and Emperor. The Baby plan is free of cost, the king is priced at 333 INR and Emperor plan pricing is dependent on the features you select.

Benefits of WhatsApp Link Generator Tool

  • Simple communication

People want their wants to be satisfied quickly in our fast-paced society, especially when it comes to answering their questions or concerns. You can finish that with the use of a WhatsApp shortcut link.

With WhatsApp, you may instantly greet a new customer who just joined your website or offer individualized customer care. Your customers are your everything, so you want to treat them like that, right? 

  • Real-time interaction

A potential customer is more likely to become one when you engage with them at the appropriate time and location.

Frequently, your company website is the ideal location, and the ideal moment is when a buyer is browsing it. WhatsApp chat link provides customers to connect with us at ease and in fractions of seconds.

It eliminates the need for them to research your offerings, complete a form, and wait for your response hours, days, or occasionally weeks later.

  • Sales

WhatsApp is a platform that offers more than simply instant messaging. Direct purchasing and payment options are also available. As a result, customers do not need to visit your website to view your catalog because it can be established on WhatsApp.

There are no hassles associated with shifting to other online banking apps or using bank transfers for payments. You can use WhatsApp to make purchases and pay bills.

  • Marketing

Do you still use instant messaging services? For a lot of people today, that is something beyond limits. All of your clients are using these apps. You must also be in that position.

When a customer/visitor uses a WhatsApp chat link to connect with you, you have access to their contact number right away in your database. So you can email them your marketing materials, offer codes, and website links whenever you launch a new offer, debut a new product, or simply just want to increase traffic to your website.

But keep in mind, don’t spam. You’ll never want your customer’s backout.

It’s significant to remember that adding a WhatsApp chat link is not the only easy way that you can provide your clients. Additionally, a scannable WhatsApp QR code can make it exceedingly simple for clients to get in touch with you.


This was the topic of our article for today, which explained how to create a WhatsApp link and how to post it to your social media accounts. For more information about these incredible tools, do visit their website. Feel free to ask any further questions you may have about the WhatsApp link generator or the backup and transfer of WhatsApp data in the comment box below, and we will do our best to answer them.

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