How To Apply For Paytm ATM Card Debit Card

How To Apply For Paytm ATM Card Debit Card (Full guide)

Hello friends, everyone will know about Paytm Payments Bank and many of you have also applied for Paytm Bank Account. I too had applied for Paytm Account and my account has been verified. Today I am going to apply for Paytm Payments bank ATM Card and if you have also opened your Paytm Account and you do not know How To Apply for Paytm ATM Card & Debit Card then this information can be helpful for you.

How To Apply For Paytm ATM Card  Debit Card

How to open Paytm Payments bank account and what documents will be used for it. I have talked about this a long time ago and when I applied to open an account, I told about it with Paytm Payments Bank Video Guide. If you have not yet applied for Paytm Paper-less account, you can get information by clicking on the link.

How To Apply For Paytm ATM Card Debit Card (Full guide)

So far all the mobile banks are Wallet or UPI Payment System. From them we can only connect our Exist bank account with eWallet and through this we can make online payment and many banks also give us the option of Virtual Credit or Debit Card.

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But we can use these virtual cards only for online shopping or any other online transaction. If we need cash and need to withdraw money from ATM, then all these are of no use. Just a few days ago I told about 3 Mobile Banking Service. In which we can open the bank account without going to the bank and also issue an ATM card.

Similarly, Paytm Payments Bank has also started Mobile Banking System. In Paytm Bank, with all the features of eWallet, we can also issue ATM card of Rupay and can use it to conduct cash transaction from ATM machine. With this, many more features are given in Paytm ATM Card, which can be beneficial for us.

  1. All Paytm bank account holders can get Free Digital Debit Card Issue at the time of account opening and apply for Physical ATM / Debit Card.
  2. Each Account Holder will get Rupay Platinum Debit Card. From this, every user can take Platinum Benefit. Such as Discount, Offer, Gift Card ect.
  3. All account holders will get an insurance cover of Free 2 Lac.
  4. The Debit Card of Paytm is acceptable for any ATM machine and through this we can withdraw with any ATM from any ATM.

1. How to get Paytm ATM Card?

After applying for Paytm account, we need Account Verification and two options of Paytm Bank Account Verification are given in Paytm App.

  1. Agent verification
  2. Center verification

If we have selected the Agent Verification Option, then for this a Paytm agent comes to the address given by us and verifies the account, after which our account becomes Verify and Activate.

If we select Center verification, then we see the address of many paytm Verification Center on the app. By selecting any of the nearest centers, we can go for account verification and make our account active.

When our Paytm payments bank account becomes active then we get it immediately in Paytm Digital ATM Card App. But if we want Physical Paytm ATM Card, then a request has to be sent for this. After that we get a Paytm ATM Card in a week. But it has some Process & Condition, after completing which we can send request for Atm Card.

Paytm Digital debit card account is available free at the time of opening. But if we apply for Physical Paytm ATM Card. So for this, we have to pay a one-time charge of 120 rupees. That is, we can apply for the card only when our account has at least 120 rupees,

I have applied for paytm ATM card by paying 120 rupees, if you also want to apply then you can apply by following these steps.

  1. First of all, you have to open Paytm App and click on Bank Option.
  2. You have to search Debit & ATM Card option from Bank Option and click on Request Card option.
  3. To complete the request, we have to enter the delivery address along with the Area PIN Code, after that click on the Proceed to Pay option for payment of 120 rupees.
  4. After completing the payment, the Paytm ATM Card Application Request will be sent and will come to the Card Delivery Address in the next one week. If we wish, after requesting for the card, we can also track the order and by this we can know how long we will get our ATM.


After applying for ATM card, when our ATM reaches us, then at that time it is only a plastic card. Until we activate it. Here I have many questions & answers related to Paytm ATM Card, which is very important for each Payment Account Holder.

How to Activate Paytm ATM Card?

To activate ATM card, we have to go to the bank option after opening the paytm app and from there click on Debit & ATM Card option. After that you have to click on the “Activate ATM Card” option and then scan the QR Code on the back of the ATM Card. As soon as the QR Code is scanned, we have to enter the Paytm Pass Code and verify the details, after which the ATM becomes Activate and we can set the ATM PIN.

Can we use ATM Card for Paytm Wallet balance?

No, we can use Paytm ATM Card only for the transaction of saving account.

Can we make international payment to Paytm ATM?

No, Paytm Debit Card can be used only for Indian Merchants.

What is the maximum you can pay with a Debit Card?

Paytm Debit Card can transact up to Rs 25,000 per transaction and per day.

Is there a charge for transacting with paytm debit card?

Paytm ATM Card will get 3 free ATM transactions every month, after that if someone does a transaction, they will have to pay 20 per transaction and pay 5 rupees per transaction for Ministatement.

Friends, hope you have understood that How To Apply For Paytm ATM Card Debit Card? If you have also opened your account in your Paytm Payments bank, then you can apply for New Physical Paytm ATM Card today and can get Paytm Debit Card. If you are having any problem in sending ATM request or if any error is coming, then please comment below.

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