10+ Best CRM Software Small Business: The Beginner’s Guide!

In today’s article, I am going to tell you about the 10+ Best CRM Software Small Business, so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about it, so let’s start.

Do you own a small business and try to collect all the customer data coming from different sources/media? Are you facing issues with the sustainability of sales growth and customers? The repetition of customers is very low as you can’t connect with them.

If all these issues are with you, then all you need is CRM, i.e., Customer Relationship Management software. This will help you connect with your customers well and build a healthy environment. Moreover, it’ll help you manage all the information and data of your customers. CRM’s main functions are collecting, processing, and analyzing data coming from various sources. It also helps with some of the best marketing tactics to generate leads.

Best CRM Software Small Business

So let’s get the complete information about this 10+ Best CRM Software Small Business without wasting any time, come on.

10+ Best CRM Software Small Business:

Is there only one CRM software? No, there is a lot of CRM software on the market, each with its own importance. But then the question arises: how to choose the best and right option.

Go on with the article and you’ll get to know about it all the way. Below are 10+ of the best CRM software for small businesses. 

1. Zoho CRM 

Zoho is a fully featured & Best Best CRM Software Small Business. that is purposely built for small businesses. Zoho provides small businesses with powerful tools and features that lead to automation of their business in some or other way. The features include sales management, routine marketing, and a lot of other business activities.

Zoho’s automatic functions are more suitable and useful for SMBs, i.e., small and mid-sized businesses. It has some amazing features that establish a healthy and friendly relationship with the customers. Moreover, its automation functionalities have the power to enhance crucial processes like lead generation and efficiency in the management of deals, contacts and a lot more.

Zoho comes with a tracking system that provides real-time data on customers during their entire sales cycle. It also provides access to your sales team, who can access customers’ backgrounds and use them accordingly in different marketing and sales strategies. Moreover, small and midsize businesses can get a lot of help with tools while calculating the scores. Since small and mid-sized businesses have a unique process, Zoho allows them to carry on with their work pattern and build the sales for them at no cost.

2. Pipeliner

Cloud-based Pipeliner is a strong customer relationship management software which helps SMBs’ sales teams to boost their sales. It is built to make the sales process easier and more automatic. It also manages the pipeline management workflows. Moreover, it has the power to display sales analytics. This enables the sales team of a particular SMB to make a firm decision and do something on their part to build a healthy connection with their customers.

The Pipeliner’s interface is easy to use and interact with. It has come up with easy steps for the sales process, which provides a great relief to the sales team of SMBs. It manages everything on its own, and the sales team doesn’t need to keep operating all the time. What they need to do is the customization, which will fulfill their requirements, and they can easily access them.

It is designed with the sales team in mind, as well as how they work and what processes make their jobs difficult. that it can provide an easier way to deal with the same Pipeliner managers to stand in contract management, channel management, opportunity management, and others.

3. Hubspot

If you’re also looking for Best CRM Software Small Business, this should definitely be on your list. It has all the standard and some advanced features that make sales growth easy and store customer data. So, with the help of that data, sales teams come up with different strategies and marketing techniques to enhance their sales statistics.

Hubspot keeps an overall view on performance in the market, transactions, sales, and others. It builds a relationship with customers so that you can interact with them well. It has some of the best features, which include tracking, customized view, scheduling, and marketing synchronization. 

It is modern and user-friendly, and has all the features one expects from a CRM. Moreover, the best part is that Hubspot is totally free for every user and CRM software, which is a partner of Google. It has customization features, and so it’s suitable for all sizes of businesses. 

4. Freshworks CRM

Freshworks comes with the latest built-in technology, which provides some of the best tools. It enables the sales team to work with ease. Moreover, it has tools that help lead capture in real time. It is a fully equipped customer relationship management system. It enables the sales team to manage thousands of leads by being within their comfort zone. 

Its interface is easy to use, with a centralised dashboard with robust functions for relationship management. This allows you to expand sales by using a minimum number of tools. It focuses more on enhancing sales and working on critical business insights.

Frameworks come in free and paid versions as well. For small businesses, the free version has enough features to work with. But yeah, mid-sized companies should buy a pro version at a fairly low price to enhance their experience with frameworks.

5. vCita

vCita comes with a unified solution for schedule management, billing and invoicing, lead generation, SMS marketing, and many more for small and mid-sized businesses. Centralizing all the features, it becomes the one-stop solution for SMBs to manage marketing, transactions, CRM, and workflow as well.

The management of vCita is designed in such a way that it enhances productivity and customer relationships at the same time. A one-stop portal for scheduling, invoicing, payments, and collaboration, as well as a 24-hour help desk with a variety of options.It generates notifications to boost the work management and sales repetition of potential customers. vCita has a trial period for its clients during which they can coordinate and interact well with its features. It has amazing customization features, so one can change it accordingly according to their wants and needs.

6. Monday.com

This Customer Relationship Management software gives more priority to customer-business relationships and enhances lead generation. It has a well designed centralised dashboard and some templates to go with it. It is fully customizable, so you can modify it as per your requirements.

Monday.com has tools for collaboration, sharing of visual dashboards, attachment of files, and a lot more. A perfectly built CRM for the sales team. It has a many-to-one communication system that allows it to open in one software rather than several.

Available for both Android and iOS users. Monday.com is a free and paid CRM software. It has four other plans, excluding the free version.

7. Pipedrive

specially developed for sales people to drive more leads. Pipedrive enables businesses to get better leads by showcasing a detailed overview, which shifts your focus to crucial deals. It is mobile optimised and runs freely throughout. Pipedrive is integrated with some of the inbuilt Google applications such as contacts and calendar and also with some third-party apps.

It has many features, such as email integration, multi-language support, a robust API, sales view, reports, and so on.For a better experience, you can try their trial plan for free. It’ll help you connect with things easily.

With the help of this CRM software, one can easily manage sales and generate leads. It has automated notification features which remind you of sales with potential and crucial customers as well. widely renowned software to manage workflow management. It has various plans, so one can choose wisely among them, keeping in mind their business size. 

8. Bigin

developed and designed by Zoho, so one can trust it to be reliable and fully functional. Birgin is made especially for small businesses, and the CRM offers an interactive interface and intuitive functionalities. These functions include deal management, contact management, automated workflow and task management. The sales team with Birgin has full empowerment over the pipeline and can access all lead data with ease. It allows them to be more efficient and effective in managing deals.

It has a lot of features, ensuring the smooth management of customer relationships and sales processes as well. It maintains a clear overview of the data and makes it available whenever needed. It enables sales teams to access email tools, media tools, and forms so that they can gather a lot of customer information from all sources. It has task management capability as well, and some can use this CRM for any internal collaboration.

9. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM comes with a complete marketing solution, the latest APIs and algorithms, and separate cloud-based analytics. It has integrated with other management to enhance the lead generation. It enables sales teams to highlight the top customers.

Salesforce CRM has some key features like marketing automation, partner management tools, and sales data, which allow the sales team to utilise them fully for lead generation. It is a one-stop solution for all basic and standard CRM features.

It enhances the productivity of the sales team through application exchange features. It enables them to create crucial customer reports and analysis, predict sales and complete territory models easily.

With Salesforce, you can have full power over productivity, complete modules, exchange features, and a lot more. With Salesforce CRM, you can enhance revenues, track real-time leads, pinpoint your crucial business insights and more. You can access Salesforce from everywhere as it is mobile-optimized also.

10. NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM is built with cloud-based development and design in mind for SMBs, or small and medium-sized businesses.It claims to manage the customer during the entire lifecycle. NetSuite CRM can automate the full customer management system, enabling businesses to be responsive to their customers’ needs and wants. This would create trust between the two parties and customer satisfaction level would be around to great extent.

NetSuite has amazing features like integrated e-commerce tools, tracking, sales management, business optimization, salesforce automation, and order management. Moreover, NetSuite allows its users a free trial for testing tools and functions so that they can correlate with the description and services well.

NetSuite provides good customer support via chatbot, whatsapp api, email and others. It maintains a consistent view of customers so that it can accordingly design the strategy. Besides this, it has the features of commission management, forecasting, and a lot more. All these features enhance the user’s experience with NetSuite, making it trustworthy. 

11. Capsule CRM

Quite different from other different customers’ relationship management softwares. It has features like collaboration, analytics, tracking etc.  It has a notification system which reminds businesses to connect with customers. It has some of the most used SMBs tools to outstand other CRM software. 

However its interface is not interactive,you have to search a lot for a single tool and for larger businesses it has nothing to provide.

Listed above were some of the best Customer Relationship Management software which will definitely boost up your lead and will enhance your sales management framework too. Some have freemium plans and some have only paid if you have a small business free plan which will be sufficient to grow significantly. Mid sized businesses can look for fair priced plans but choose wisely among different CRMs.

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