10+ Best Instagram Lead Generation Software: A-to-Z Guide!

In this article, I am going to tell you the 10+ Best Instagram Lead Generation Software. so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about it, so let’s start.

Do you want to see your Instagram marketing growth? Well, the success of your Instagram marketing campaign depends on your ability to generate leads. Unfortunately, most marketers struggle here. They are unable to generate quality leads. 

Are you one of them? No, worries. If you’re struggling to generate quality leads, here is some Instagram lead generation software to help you out. With the help of these tools, you will find Instagram lead generation easy peasy. And this ultimately takes your online business growth to the next level. 

Instagram Lead Generation Software

Today’s article focuses on the same,i.e, “10+ Best Instagram Lead Generation Software” The articles entail each bit of information necessary for you to know. 

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10+ Best Instagram Lead Generation Software:

Below I am going to tell you about the 10+ Best Instagram Lead Generation Software, which are as follows.

1. Profilemate

Profilemate is one of the top-notch Instagram lead generation platforms. I have discovered a fascinating fact with Profilemate the tool is highly interactive. That’s why generating leads using Profilmate is super easy.

You need to enter your Instagram page or profile on Profilemate. Then, the tool will bring you the targeted prospects’ emails, phone numbers, and website addresses. Also, it’s called the best Instagram scraper software. 

Furthermore, Profilmate also provides the latest engagement report of your Instagram posts. Based on the reports, you can know what content you should post to better interact with your targeted audience. 

2. LeadsBridge

LeadsBridge is an iPaaS automation solution that enables marketers and advertisers to enhance their omnichannel strategy and build their interconnected marketing ecosystem.

LeadsBridge fulfills your integration needs, focusing on bridging gaps between top advertising platforms – Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok – and leading marketing platforms – CRM, email marketing software, autoresponder, and so much more. LeadsBridge is also equipped to develop tailor-made integrations based on your unique business needs.

The LeadsBridge platform is specifically designed for companies that want to streamline their advertising activities by integrating their marketing stack with Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and TikTok Ads.

With 380+ out-of-the-box integrations available, you can easily connect your favorite software with your advertising platforms, seamlessly synchronizing data for your marketing workflows.

LeadBridge offers a free plan, which includes 100 leads per month and one running bridge. You can then upgrade to paid plans to gain more features:

Pro: Starting with three bridges and 800 leads/mo for $22 a month, you get to pick the number of leads to sync, and how many bridges you need, and the price will adjust accordingly;

Business: This is a managed service, so the volume of leads and the number of bridges is customized to your specific needs and then priced out manually.

All plans are GDPR and CCPA fully compliant, keeping all customer data safe.

3. OptinMonster

You can direct visitors from your Instagram business profile to your website with the help of OptinMonster.  Eventually, the ‘Traffic Redirection ‘ feature allows you to get quality leads quickly.

In addition, the software comes with impressive page-level targeting features. This feature helps users to reach their targeted audience comprehensively. 

Besides, ‘Exit-Intent Technology ” is one of the most remarkable features of OptinMonster that lets you know the user’s mouse activities.

Many users of OptinMonster claim that they are getting double leads with this lead generation software. Furthermore, there’s no need for coding skills to access OptinMonster.

4. Later

Later is more often regarded as a social media marketing platform. Moreover, the platform can help you make the task of social media management a lot easier. In addition, Later works the best also when it comes to lead generation from Instagram.

You don’t need to post manually from your Instagram business profile if you have access to Later. The auto-publish feature can help you in this regard. Furthermore, Linkin.bio is another Later feature that can turn your Instagram profile into a mini webpage.

5. Sprout Social

I think you are already familiar with this Instagram lead generation software. However, Sprout Social is also known for its strong engagement, vital in lead generation. 

The tool provides you with all the Instagram marketing solutions. You will get everything from publishing and scheduling posts to tracking your Instagram marketing campaign on Sprout Social. 

Regarding lead generation from Instagram, the feature ‘Social Listening Tool’ can play a big part. 

6. Social Pilot

You need a strong Instagram fanbase to generate leads. However, this is not always easy. Social Pilot can help you efficiently create your Instagram fan base.

In addition, this tool provides accurate analytics and reports that help you understand your prospects better. 

Customer satisfaction is another core thing when you focus on creating leads. In this case, Social Pilot Instagram lead generation tool ensures engagement in proactive conversion. Due to this, engaging with your audience and performing Fast responses becomes possible.

7. Upleap

Are you struggling to get a satisfying number of followers on your Instagram business page? Here you will find the lead generator software Upleap plays a major role. You can get many Instagram followers within a short time who will more likely turn into leads.  

Moreover, some users share that their Instagram followers are up 10x because of Unleap.

In addition, you will get different packages if you want to buy Instagram followers. All the packages are pretty much affordable and value for money. Finally, the only thing you need to do is enter your account’s username, and Upleap starts its proceedings.

8. Phantom Buster

Phantom Buster also helps you increase the number of Instagram followers you have. This means you can reach a large number of your targeted audience comprehensively. Moreover, the automotive lead generator tool can remove every single hustle of Instagram marketing, including generating quality leads. Thanks to its key features.

More precisely, features like Instagram follower collector, Instagram auto commentator, Instagram auto liker, etc. work in ensuing more leads. You must choose a suitable Phantom for your business and get a free trial first. 

However, as the prices are affordable, you never mind buying a package after the free trial.

9. Vbout

Regular posting from your business page is a crucial factor that plays a significant role in Instagram’s marketing success. However, Vbout can help you schedule your Instagram posts and publish them when you want. 

More precisely, the software can make Instagram marketing super easier and unlock the door for you to get expected leads. You can connect a bunch of Instagram profiles with Vbout. Once you connect the profile, Vbout starts its proceedings. 

Vbout has some advanced tracking features. These features let you monitor your Instagram posts’ performance. Once you know what type of post performs best, you can re-create the posts more often to gain a noticeable number of leads.

10. Reply

You must respond quickly to your audience’s query to ensure proper engagement with them. And good engagement opens the door for more leads. Reply is here for you if you want to take the number of Instagram leads to the next level.

With the Instagram lead generator tool, it is possible to find your prospects’ information, like email addresses. Moreover, the lead generator tool has built-in email and phone validation features. 

Furthermore, the automatic cold assistance helps you ensure better communication with your prospects. 

11. Sentione

Listening is important for social media marketing, especially on Instagram. Sentione is a great social listening platform that can help generate many leads from Instagram.

Moreover, the semantic analysis of your Instagram marketing performance is one of the key features of this tool. 

Furthermore, the actionable insights allow you to connect with your prospects on Instagram. You should always look for the scope of new sales chances. Sentione helps users ensure more leads, which convert into sales. 


Now you have come to know the best Instagram Lead Generation tools. In this competitive online world, using these tools will help you grow your business on a large scale. 

Besides, the abovementioned tools are cost-effective and provide impressive measurable performance. Furthermore, most of the software comes with free trial features. This feature will help you explore the software without spending a penny. 

You should never miss the opportunity to get the most out of Instagram, the 7th most visited website. Choose any of the software you want to be based on your budget and business and flourish your business. 

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