15+ Best Live Streaming Apps for Gaming: The Beginner’s Guide!

In today’s article, I am going to tell you about the 15+ Best Live Streaming Apps for Gaming, so if you want to know about them, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about it, so let’s start.

The craze for gaming is no doubt increasing at a great pace among youths. Many of them are choosing it as their career option and others for entertainment purposes. However, where they face issues is in making the choice of a live game streaming software.

A live game streaming application is software with which users sitting at home can reach millions of their fans and can connect with them well. Moreover, it allows them to showcase their talents live, as uploading videos with too much skill looks fake to some or all.

But how to make a perfect choice?

The answer is simple after looking at the features and the customization they offer. But selecting them is not too easy.

The main reason is the market, which is flooded with this kind of software, and with so many options, it’s difficult to select anyone.

Best Live Streaming Apps for Gaming

Moreover, each of them has its own customization features and comes with different specifications serving different purposes. Different streaming applications are to be chosen if you’re streaming heavy games like Call of Duty, BGMI, and other high-graphics games. But for moderate games, a basic streaming application with nominal features is accepted.

Therefore, we have come up with an article that will help you make a perfect choice. But first, let’s have an overview of what a live streaming application actually is.

What is a live streaming app?

A live streaming application is a software that enables users to live record any of their content and share it via different social media platforms.

The features and intuitiveness vary greatly as you jump from one live gaming streaming application to another. If you’re using simple software, then you can live to stream your content with normal quality, but on a high-quality streaming platform, you can customize your videos too.

All the applications have their own set-up requirements. Some are meant for mobile phones and some for desktops, while others offer both. Moreover, some are accessible only to iOS or Mac users and others to Android users. There are software applications that offer access to both the operating system and

Choosing any of them varies from person to person and on their needs and also on the purpose they are using them for.

We will be comparing these live gaming streaming software on the basis of quality, customization features, contrast, pixels, specifications, price range, and many more. As a result, many users are perplexed about which one is best for them.

15+ Best Live Streaming Apps for Gaming:

Here we’re enlisting the best live streaming gaming software so that you can easily compare and choose the best for yourself :

1. Larix Broadcaster

Larix Broadcaster may be the right software for you if you want to stream a single event or a complex cross-production video.

Larix Broadcaster allows you to publish using RTMP and RTSP. It enables users to make multiple connections at once to support streaming to many locations. One can easily stream to a number of platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube Live, and others. It comes with three modes for adaptive video bitrate: ladder ascents, logarithmic descents, and a combined strategy. It has a feature with which you can capture only your audio.

It is a free app that streams it to various platforms, making it simple for you to include it in current content plans. Moreover, it offers several ways to adjust the video bitrate. That’s why this is the first and best Live Streaming Apps for Gaming.

2. Twitch

Twitch has become a top-notch & Best Live Streaming Apps for Gaming. An Amazon subsidiary runs the video live streaming service. In terms of demand, Twitch was more popular than its general-interest counterpart. It has a large user base of over 100 million.

It is used by most professionals. Some use it to stream BGMI, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Free Fire, while others use it for Asphalt, GTA, and others. It has a dark mode, which when enabled during night streaming looks awesome. However, some issues could be faced, mainly lag a little bit.

Every football game and real-world broadcast includes live conversation and chat room monitoring. Discuss various gaming tactics with your gaming friends. Or communicate with them while the game is being streamed live.

Use Twitch to broadcast your stuff. Through cam streaming, you may go online immediately. A highly effective algorithm on Twitch can suggest items that are perfect for you.

3. BroadcastMe

Although BroadcastMe is appropriate for gamers, we’d want to draw attention to another highly unique use case. As a white-label app, BroadcastMe enables you to use their technology to build your own live streaming software for mobile broadcasting. If you’re interested in building your own live streaming platform, BroadcastMe provides a quick route to market.

Some of its features are: notifying app users remotely when they are around breaking news events; two video streams running at once; integrated editing; SEO tools; and an infographic production system in full working order.

High-quality video recording to a smartphone’s storage is shared by two concurrent video streams with low-resolution feeds for live streaming. Streaming and recording occur simultaneously.

4. AZScreen recorder

Another top-notch piece of software is now available to liven up your gaming experience. Although AZ Screen Recorder is essentially a screen recording program for smartphones, gamers may use it to broadcast. It provides all the capabilities of live streaming to its users, like screen capture, video editing, and live streaming. No rooted device is required, and there is no recording time restriction.

Moreover, during gaming, record both internal and external audio. While you are recording games, you’re allowed to draw on the screen and can post-edit video easily. Take screenshots and use the picture editor to produce thumbnails. Face cam streaming is available.

5. Younow

With the help of the social live streaming tool YouNow, broadcasters may interact with their fans. YouNow is a decent gaming app, as it doesn’t have too many features or too few. When compared to sites like YouTube, YouNow offers a more specialized technique to get admirers. You are encouraged to utilize YouNow for a variety of purposes, such as live talent and experience sharing with followers.

YouNow can thus be the platform for you, whether you want to play music, live blog, tell stories, or do something else. It has options for monetization; strict regulations to protect integrity and safety; 24/7 content surveillance; Simple Instagram; Google login advantages; and an intuitive interface.

6. Rheo

For the Indian gaming community, Rheo is a game streaming app, and its price is too minimal. Designed and developed in India, in addition to regular live broadcasting, they also cover esports competitions like heavy gaming tournaments.

Moreover, you may record live gaming sessions or watch the best players in the nation come to your area to play your preferred games. By employing personalized chat stickers in a live chat window, you may communicate with your favorite players. Throughout the live gaming session, you can also chat with other players whenever you want.

7. Nextplay

The well-known Android game streaming software, Nexplay, allows users to live stream games on a variety of websites, including Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms. The finest feature of Nexplay is the “one-click” streaming of the game.

With the multi-streaming capability, you can even broadcast PC games in a matter of minutes. Top multiplayer mobile games, including BGMI, Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire, Summoners War, and many others, can be broadcast live. Streamers may add frames to their profile for a polished aesthetic and broadcast simultaneously on social media networks. This aids in expanding your gaming audience over the internet.

8. Livestream

Use one app to stream material to a number of networks, such as Facebook and YouTube. One can stream simultaneously with cross-overs too. There are several 16:9 aspect ratios to choose from. There are streaming options for both desktop and mobile devices.

It has simple integration, streaming to several platforms at once. No matter how you hold your mobile device, automatic 16:9 streaming will take place. It has GoPro cameras, which are utilized when on an iPhone connected to a 4G network. If you’re looking for a paid live game streaming app, the app is a wise choice.

9. Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade is one of the best apps for broadcasting lives mobile games. Sharing your favorite moments, teaming up with new pals, and using unique tools to improve your gaming are all options. Numerous popular Android games, like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Minecraft, Free Fire, and others, are also fully supported.

On Omlet, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, you may multi-stream your game. You may participate in free community matches organized by your favorite streams and compete in them.

A special one-on-one private session has been added to Omlet Arcade’s most recent version, so you may play with your favorite streamer. In addition, Omelet Plus features personal RTMP connections, professional-looking profile frames that may be customized, and many other advanced features.

10. Nanostream

If having minimal latency is crucial to you, NanoStream is a fantastic alternative. In other words, a delay of a few seconds would be acceptable. They brag about having ultra-low latency, and it appears that companies and organizations are the major target audience for their marketing.

Online gaming, e-learning, and other use cases are a few examples. Utilize nano stream to build your own live streaming application or move your current infrastructure to the system.

It has lightning-fast delivery on every platform or browser. access to a mobile device and integrates readily with the current live streaming infrastructure. Moreover, quick video distribution to consumers, unlimited live feeds, and easy connectivity with current infrastructure.

11. Hitbox

Although HitBox’s user interface resembles that of the majority of rival video game streaming services, it has a nice color palette that functions well. Here, users can quickly search for the films they want, and streams can be divided into collections for adults-only, the general public, and private users.

With simple video classification, it provides respectable streaming alternatives, and the interface is straightforward and lovely. A powerful computer is required to live stream videos using HitBox. Both internal capture cards and external software can be utilized. Hitbox is an absolutely free app.

12. Streamlabs

Streamlabs for Android is another well-known Android software to stream live to Twitch and YouTube, much like its desktop counterpart. You can better engage with your audience by being able to observe current events like someone giving or subscribing to your channel.

Because of Streamlabs’ incredible user experience and popularity, it’s simple to become well-known there. It is used by several well-known streams, like Mortal and Dynamo Gaming. Amazingly adjustable widgets for your convenience, including current events, alert boxes, chat boxes, and many others.

With Streamlabs, you can easily go live and talk with your followers anytime you want because it connects to your current Twitch or YouTube accounts, unlike other applications on the list. As a result, you may broadcast to millions of individuals. It also links such accounts. Open your front camera when streaming mobile games so that your audience can see your emotions. This deepens the connection you have with your audience.

If you use the Android version of Streamlabs, the chat preview function will allow you to see your chat stream so you can communicate with your followers without requiring any other screens or apps. You might wish to use your Android device to do so.

13. Nimo TV

One of the greatest streaming services available today enables millions of gamers from across the globe to stream their gameplay in order to reach gamers like you. It is a group of players, gamers, and fans who converse and offer praise and awards to one another.

The greatest PUBG live stream app is Nimo TV, which is frequently used by a lot of gamers. They attribute the majority of live streaming events to Pubg Mobile.

Additionally, it makes use of top-notch interactive technology that allows viewers to connect with broadcasters and obtain access to events and competitions as well as unique access to top streamers. Nimo TV is a great place to build your community, and you can, later on, direct them to different platforms via techniques.

14. Airmix

For iOS live streaming, Airmix is a live streaming app that provides quick playback, slow motion, custom visuals, and more. Airmix can be useful for broadcasters of all skill levels. Users frequently utilize Airmix to stream local sporting events, religious sessions, and graduation ceremonies. Sports may be the most noticeable use case since they provide a wide range of distinctive elements to improve that kind of presentation.

It allows you to add your own text, images, and more, and mix up to ten different video sources. It has the capability for slow motion and instant replay and can be shared on a number of streaming services.

However, it has a complex interface and is available just for Apple products; it is not intended for the iPhone.

15. Beam

This software provides the sleekest designs for video streaming requirements, and the functions are very smooth with an intuitive interface. Every month, Beam attracts a lot of users, and its community is expanding quickly.

It functions well on the Android, iOS, Apple TV, and Chromecast platforms and maintains a clean, ordered layout. However, heavy video games have been known to have slight streaming delays. It allows for 4K video recording at a frame rate of 60 frames per second, which is good.

I hope, you must have known about these 15+ Best Live Streaming Apps for Gaming, so now if you want, you can watch the above video to get more information on this topic. And you can choose the Best Live Streaming Apps for Gaming.


These were some of the best live game streaming software applications. Some of them are paid, while some are free. Each of them has its own features. However, the most suitable choice depends on your uses whether you’re using moderate or heavy gaming.

All the above have been compiled after comparing the performances and their users’ reviews and rankings. If you like do share it with your known ones. For any other queries, you can reach out to us or mention them in the comment box.

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