15+ Best Shopify speed Optimization app for free: A-to-Z Guide!

If you have a Shopify eCommerce store, then I am going to tell you about 15+ Best Shopify speed Optimization app for free, so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about it, so letโ€™s start.

The days of having too much traffic on your website on publishing only are long gone. With the enormous increase in the number of websites and apps has led to increased competition. Due to this, it’s very difficult to rank on top, whether it’s on Google SERP or an e-commerce website shop.

Today we’ll cover the speed and rank optimization process of one such e-commerce website, Shopify. However, choosing an e-commerce platform for your shop is not a much bigger deal than managing it. It’s really becoming difficult to optimize the pages and take care of your shop rank. The main problem is how to speed them up. If have no clue how to start with the SEO of your e-commerce shop. Browse through the article till the end and you’ll get to know about it. Aside from SEO, we will only discuss and thoroughly guide you through Shopify speed optimization.

In recent years, it has become a popular e-commerce website, and this has led to huge competition. Therefore, each shop owner is finding it difficult to rank at the top of Shopify. We’re here to help. For you, we have compiled a list of applications that can boost your Shopify shop and can enhance the growth and awareness of your shop.

Best Shopify speed Optimization app for free

Shopify comes with several SEO-friendly features. Shopify shop owners play a big role in search engine rankings. The reason is, that the higher the rank, the more traffic they’ll get on their site, which will ultimately boost their sales and enhance the business too. 

So letโ€™s get complete information about 15+ Best Shopify speed Optimization app for free without wasting any time, come on.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and has become the choice of many businesses and individuals to sell their products online. It allows you to sell directly through your own website and also via your Shopify store.

You may run an e-commerce business with the help of Shopify. You must build (no coding) a good outlet on Shopify to attract customers’ attention. After that, you can move onto the storefront, display products, interact with clients, receive payments, and do other things as you enter into online eCommerce. For handling and managing it, a lot of tools that Shopify provides you.ย And for more information about shopify you can check this Shopify review.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a set of techniques and strategies aimed at enhancing the rank or position of websites in search engine result pages (SERPs). Since competition is fierce, having a strong and effective SEO strategy is a must to rank on top and also to keep pace with your contenders.

What is Shopify SEO?

Similar to SEO, which is used to rank websites on the top of SERPs, whether Google, Bing, or others, Shopify SEO is the process of ranking your Shopify outlet or store at the top of the Shopify results when a customer searches for a particular product.

Many times, when it comes to online purchasing, a lot of individuals face problems with the speed, which is really annoying. This issue can be solved fully or to a great extent using a variety of Shopify speed optimization techniques. Here I have enlisted the best of them for your help.

Best Shopify speed Optimization app for free:

Let us now get to know about these 15+ Best Shopify speed optimization app for free & Paid in detail below:

1. Progressify Me

This speed optimization application from the Amplify Me team is a necessary tool for all Shopify e-commerce managers to run their shops.

For a better shopping experience, all you need to do is encourage your audience to download and install it on their phones.

Key features:

  • Enhance store responsiveness and dependability, and make it more speedy.
  • Capable of assisting consumers.
  • Can easily assist customers in locating products
  • Installation of PWA technology enhances loading speed.
  • It provides the goods in a well-mannered way and ensures that no modifications are made to the content on your website.
  • Analyze the statistics well and the boost it provides.
  • Enhance smooth scrolling.

Progressify Me has a free as well as a premium plan. But you can access a premium plan for a 14-day free trial.

2. Image Optimizer for SEO

This desktop Instant Page application is a high-quality tool that can bring rapid development that significantly speeds up your customers’ experience. This Shopify speed optimization program is used to achieve amazing speed improvements that are directly related to increased conversion rates and speeding up mobile devices too.

Key Features:

  • Beyond expectation progress in mobile speed.
  • Small-scale JAVA scripting
  • Speed-enhancing software that makes your website load faster
  • To accelerate access to lagging pages,i.e, which takes too much time. Moreover, it enlists your system apps to worsen your experience in the store.
  • It optimizes the fonts, CSS, and pictures.
  • It has the capability to optimize WordPress sites too.

Its plan begins at a price of $4.99 per month.

3. Super speed: Google’s Page Speed

Superspeed The Google page begins to speed up the store and offers plenty of benefits to customers which enhances their experience. Superspeed boosts the user experience with its years of knowledge transmitted with a single click.

Super Speed can create a great impact on your store conversion rate and income too. 

Key Features:

  • Provides more speed of loading for bulk stores and a reduction in bounce rates
  • Quicker Google rankings and improved websites
  • Monitor the performance of the page every day.
  • Enhances user experience and cart inclusion.
  • Have a good impact on overall marketing effectiveness.
  • Enhances consumer perception.

SuperSpeed is available only with a three-day free trial and after that, a  monthly price charge of $29 will be levied. In addition, it has an unlimited plan too which will cost around $99.

4. Fastshop: Optimize all media 

With simplified and lighter movies and graphics, this fantastic app from Fastshop enhances the store’s media experience. It speeds up the loading time of your store, increases conversion rates, and has an unlimited number of photographs and videos that the software can optimize for the store.

Key Features:

  • Real-world AI-based media optimization app.
  • The user experience is considerably improved by introducing high-quality media to the audience.
  • It uploads video content at a much faster rate that is more than twice as fast as it was previously.
  • With one click it has the capability to launch a fully optimized store.
  • Improvement of zero-intervention
  • Delivers data at a lower bit rate than required.

Fastshop is absolutely free to access.

5. AVADA SEO Image Optimizer

The AVADA Image Optimizer appears to be simple to use, and Esther in customer care is helpful. It comes highly recommended for optimizing the internet store. Additionally, this software offers a 100% guarantee to speed up the store’s performance.

Key Features:

  • Automatically customizable features and good integrated graphics.
  • Gives more prominence to relevant keywords.
  • Google Search Page loading time is quick and friendly.
  • It provides its user with Live chat assistance & One-click Auto-Pilot time-saving software
  • Vast user base and is highly demanded.
  • It speeds up the websites across all devices.

AVADA has a free plan and a premium plan both, which will cost you around $99.

6. Small IMG: Image Optimizer and SEO

The TinyIMG optimizer tool gives your website a boost, makes it load faster, and helps it rank highly in Google Images. It increases search engine traffic and doesn’t require prior SEO expertise. This app brings new organic customers and continuously enhances Shopify stores.

Key Features:

  • Provides a boost in gaining more visibility and traffic.
  • Enhances SEO organically. 
  • The photos on the website are compressed,i.e, size can be changed.
  • Without sacrificing/reducing image quality, it works efficiently.
  • Increases page outlook and provide quick page load times and SEO.
  • Development of the page’s image optimizer.

Besides a free plan, TinyIMG has a custom premium plan too, whose price is variable as it depends on user requirements and the time period. It will cost you$2.99 per year for two years and if you opt for a monthly plan $10.

7. Swish: Page Speed Accelerator

Swish page booster is a necessary app for any website that eliminates the resource issue of background programs loading before the web site’s content is used.

This dramatically improves your page speed and other fundamental web metrics across all pages and devices, which will assist with SEO conversions.

Key Features:

  • It decreases bounce rates and increases the conversion rate to a great extent.
  • It reduces both the blocking and execution time.
  • The main purpose of this is to quickly provide a user-friendly setup.
  • Highly recommended for e-commerce applications as it boosts loading times significantly. 

Swish offers a 7-day free trial plan after that $9.99 will be levied. 

8. Loadify Preloader

With no coding needs and compatibility with all 2.0 themes, the Loadify optimized app is suitable for all kinds of stores. A built-in feature of this program allows you to animate a static image or logo using five fantastic animations.

Key Features:

  • Use a gorgeous screen to amuse the client.
  • The logo background can simply be changed by uploading, animating, and resizing it.
  • Use its simple page navigation to engage customers.
  • start position and editable background color.
  • minimizes unneeded script loads.
  • 15 amazing photographs that have already been chosen are available.
  • Find the chat widget and email contact information.

The basic plan of Preloader is free. Moreover, with loadify preloader, you get a free 14 days trial version for all the premium versions. It has three planes: Preloader Custom costs $4.99 a month, $3.99 per month levied by Page Switching, and Turbo mode price is $3.99.

9. PageSpeed Indicator

Google’s PageSpeed Insights data is tracked and made easier to understand by a page performance optimizer for an online store page. This tool plots the data to help you better understand the website’s overall performance over the course of one hour.

With a daily summary of PageSpeed, it enables the setup of alerts for all crucial page speed parameters.

Key Features:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights is simple to grasp.
  • The email alerts are provided by PageSpeed monitoring every hour.
  • Graphs of historical data
  • It uses developer jargon and other technical terms and operates fully in the background.
  • SEO enhancements and advanced features
  • speed up the page for both desktop and mobile search rankings.

The pricing of this is a Little bit different as it levies $1 per page.

10. Bulk Image SEO

With just one click, Bulk Image Edit may reduce the image file sizes without sacrificing the visual quality of the images. This program is used to annotate photographs with product names, suppliers, and options that Google will display to the greatest number of potential buyers. Making sure that all of your photographs are identical is possible.

Key Features:

  • It automatically updates each new picture added.
  • reduces picture file sizes and product or theme assets.
  • Standardize or downsize the image size.
  • shrinks the image without sacrificing quality.
  • picture updates using templates that can be customized.
  • It prevents competitors from using the product’s images.
  • You can resize, crop, trim, and add products to frames as you preview the creation.

Bulk Image SEO has free and three premium plans namely: $9.99 Standard Plan, $19.99 Professional Plan, and the  Advanced plan which costs $49.99 per month.

11. Page Speed Booster Optimizer

The Shopify store’s page performance and load times are improved by the Booster Page Speed app in a matter of seconds. This web page speed booster tool may directly correlate to increased conversions.

Key Features:

  • Outstanding client service and responsive
  • Installation is strongly advised.
  • Page performance optimization with a single click requires no code and operates correctly.
  • useful SEO app
  • Excellent, easy to use, and quick progress.
  • simple installation that requires no coding.
  • The best software for quick page loads
  • Page Speed Booster is free to access and has a good variety of features.

12. Jumbo Page Speed Optimizer 

Jumbo Page optimizes page load times by preloading pages before visitors arrive. With the help of this program, you can deploy nearly instant page loading across your entire website, lowering bounce rates, increasing conversions, and improving your CTR overall.

Key Features:

  • One-click complete optimization.
  • delivers bit rates that are lower than standards while sending a brief report on savings.
  • upload speeds that are more than twice as fast
  • Videos and photos can indefinitely be optimized.
  • Quickly optimize the product backups to reduce the time it takes for a page to load.
  • This increases the number of files that storage may load at once.
  • The Jumbo optimizer application is free to use.

13. Hyperspeed: Advanced speed optimization app

Hyperspeed The Shopify speed optimization program is used to increase store speed, decrease homepage load time, and automatically compress photographs. This application can speed up store themes by preloading connections, caching fonts, inlining essential CSS, and minifying JavaScript and CSS.

Key Features:

  • Reduce the size of the product photos.
  • The new photos are managed using automated compression.
  • Other scripting languages will impact how well the website performs.
  • It records, minifies, and monitors their effects.
  • Streamline the theme’s attributes.
  • Available links for preloading
  • Advanced picture compression

It increases the speed of desktop sites, mobile sites, and basic web functions.

Hyperspeed has a seven-day free trial plan after that $39 will be levied.

14. Page Speed Optimizer

Page Speed Optimizer Pro boosts conversions by bringing in more steady traffic. This Shopify speed optimization tool is also used to load the speed page quickly, boost SEO, and get 1, 2, or 3 more conversions. It results in a good search engine ranking.

Key Features:

  • This extends the time for high conversion and speed.
  • Ensure top search engine placement
  • Increasing organic traffic
  • In 60 seconds, speed up the Shopify store.
  • Add the file to the website automatically.
  • automatic acceleration of website load time.
  • Use without coding

Boost SEO conversions with just one click.

In the free version of the application, you can easily speed optimize your page but for other features, you have to access Pro Plan at $19.95 per month.

15. Page Speed Booster Optimizer

The effects of conversion rate and search engine ranking are reduced as page speed boosters create a high bounce rate. By having the browser quickly access the contents, this software increases the page performance and conversion rate. It enhances the low order rank too.

Key Features:

  • It initializes the site’s pages.
  • Without coding, this boosts the overall conversion rate.
  • It speeds up the websites to a great extent.
  • Free and integrated with many apps to enhance user experience.
  • It’s simple to learn and quick to install.
  • Complies with its requirements.
  • It provides frequent updates to boost its features.

Page Speed Booster is free for all users.

Hope you have learned about these 15+ Best Shopify speed optimization app for free, so now if you want, you can watch the above video about how to make Shopify website.


To conclude, all the above enlisted Shopify speed optimization applications are widely used and trusted by many. The list has been created in accordance with their customers’ reviews, key features, and performance.

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