(No 1) Free SEO Report and SEO Analysis & audit Tool!

Are you looking for a Free SEO Report and SEO Analysis & audit Tool for your website? And someone is looking for a website SEO audit, website SEO checker, and website SEO analysis tool, so keep reading this post today.

We all know that in today’s time everyone has their own website. Now, even if you have developed it from WordPress, Wix, Blogspot, HTML & PHP, etc. Every website has to do SEO of its website to rank it on Google. So that your website can also be ranked in Google.

As you all know, there are many tools like SEOptimer, SEO Site Checkup & gtmetrix, etc. to get free SEO audit reports of the website. But today we have to tell you about the free website SEO analysis tool. So all of them are different and have extra features.

Free SEO Report

Without delay, we talk about this free website seo analysis tool, why and how you should use this tool

(No 1) Free SEO Report and SEO Analysis & audit Tool!

Guys If you want to take your website to the top ranks, you must focus on optimizing your SEO score. If you want to know about your website’s search engine optimization score and get complete reports, you surely must use the modern and free SEO checker tools.

SEO website checker tools can help you a lot in getting an idea of your website’s position in the search engine’s eyes and the audience. In this post, we will tell you about the best tools using which you can check SEO and about the information you can collect with these SEO checkers.

First, you must know what search engine optimization is and how it works for your site. For understanding search engine optimization, you must have the basic information of how Google works. Google is among the most famous search engines in the world. If you want to index or even rank your website on the top SERPs of Google, you must know that it will examine each aspect of the site or the page. and Here are some of the factors considered by the search engine when it comes to ranking the site on the top shelves.


  • The website should be secure and accessible to the basic user.
  • The page loading speed should be well-optimized. A site needs to have a quick loading speed when it
  • comes to smartphones as well as desktops.
  • The website should have a clear and friendly interface.
  • The domain age, URL, and authority should be authentic.
  • It should be optimized with all the technical aspects.
  • The site should also be baked with top-quality links.

With SEO checker websites, you can easily analyze different aspects of your website. Some of the results that you would find in the reports would be:


  • What kind of search engine optimization issues is your site having!
  • How to fix the different problems related to search engine optimization.
  • What kind of metrics you must prioritize in SEO, and what kind of impact do they have on the website.
  • You can also learn about the things that need to be improved, changed, or removed from your website.
  • You can get complete details about the keywords and their ranking position on your website.
  • know about the meta descriptions and tags and the role they play on your site.
  • You will get accurate information about the page loading speed and whether it needs to be improved.
  • It will also give a complete URL optimization check.
  • The quality of content would also be analyzed with SEO checker tools.
  • Image optimization results would also be present in the reports. You can know whether an image is friendly and relevant to the site content.
  • Site security score would also be checked, and you would get details about its improvement.
  • The report would tell you whether the website is friendly for mobile phones or not.

Best SEO Checker tools for complete analysis!

There are hundreds of utilities that can help you check the SEO score of a website. The availability of these tools can make it difficult for you to pick a reliable one. Here we have listed some details about the best SEO checker tool indexed on the internet!

Website Seo Checker by Smallseotools!

If you are interested in checking the website’s SEO score with a free online tool, then this is the perfect choice you can make. This online Free SEO Checker by SmallSeoTools is a user-friendly tool that you can use on any of your devices. All you need is to copy/drag the URL address of the website for which you want to get a complete SEO report and paste it in the designated input box of the tool, and after inputting the URL, you must click on the option that says ‘check SEO score.’

Free SEO Report

The tool would get you a complete SEO report in less than ten seconds. Here you must know that the score would tell you about the website’s credibility in the eyes of the search engine.

If your website score comes out as one, this is considered excellent in the search engine’s eyes. If you are scored between 2 and 4, you would be considered exceptionally good. The 4 to 5 score shows that your site is good but needs some improvements. 6 to 10 is the score that an average website gets. Below this score, you would need to make a lot of improvements and amendments to your website.

With the help of the score you get from the website SEO checker, you can easily improve the following aspects of your site:

  • Page title
  • Meta description
  • Keywords
  • Sitemap
  • Image ALT
  • No index tags
  • Domain authority
  • Backlinks

There are a lot of aspects that you can improve once you get SEO analysis reports of your site. This would help you enjoy a better position on the search engine’s result pages! You should check the score of your website now and then!

And if you do not yet know who the other SEOs of the Small SEO Tool are, and how they are used. So for that, you watch this video.

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