How Much YouTube Pay For 100 Views In India (Full Details)

Are you a new YouTuber? Want to know more, how much YouTube Pay for 100 Views In India, so keep reading this post today. Because I am going to give you complete information about it. So let’s start.

As you all know, in today’s time everyone wants to be a YouTuber. Because here you can earn a lot of money sitting at home. Because it is the first and best platform to earn money online.

But in such a situation, most new YouTubers want to Google AdSense to earn money from youtube. Or are going to apply for him, then he keeps thinking, how much does youtube pay for 100 views in India in rupees.

How Much YouTube Pay For 100 Views In India

So youtuber, if you have the same question. So you keep reading this post of ours. Because you will get complete information about it in dollars and Indian rupees.

How Much YouTube Pay For 100 Views In India!

Friends, this post 100 views on youtube money is just for Indian YouTubers. And furthermore, this post is not for any other country YouTuber like Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, Nepal, South Africa & America, etc.

CategoryUSDIndian Rupee
People & Blogs0.075.09
Howto & Style0.107.27
Film & Animation0.118.00
Science & Technology0.1510.90

Guys, in the chart above, you are told an approximate earning when you have 100 views completed on a YouTube video. This money can decrease or increase depending on time, Ads, Ads Clicks, CPC, RPM, And your Video.

We have done this money by doing research on the internet and according to the estimated figures. And many YouTube videos have also been made on this topic. One of which is also a video. You can watch this video for more information on this subject.

So I hope you have seen this video of yours. And you must have understood the complete information about your question 100 views on youtube money in india step by step.

Apart from this, let me also tell you that the Earnings mentioned in the chart above are proof of a real Earnings. And on the basis of this, we have also told you the earnings of other Channels. So now if you want, you can also read this post.

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