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How To Create A Custom Working Search Box In HTML & CSS?

Hey, do you want to know how to create a custom working search box in HTML & CSS so today I will tell you how to create a working search bar in HTML programming language?

And today we have created a Custom stylish search box & Bar using HTML CSS and Bootstrap. And this is a Custom Search bar. That we have made ourselves.

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And Guys, The search box will work there too, which may not have been made on any kind of websites like HTML, PHP, and WordPress, etc.

How To Create A Custom Working Search Box In HTML & CSS
How To Create A Custom Working Search Box In HTML & CSS?

How To Create A Custom Working Search Box In HTML & CSS?

So friends, the Search Box that we are going to give you will be something like this? And being completely Dynamic means it will also work. You must check it once.

Source Code For The Search Box In HTML?

So, Guys, we are giving you this Code of Custom Search Box. In this, you have to type the URL of your website instead of www.yourwebsite.com. And nothing else has to be disturbed. Otherwise, it can also stop working.

<form class="Oflox-Search-box" role="search" method="get"
action="www.yourwebsite.com"><input type="search" id="oflox-block-
search__input-3" class="Oflox-Search-box" name="s" value="" 
placeholder="Search Here..."><button type="submit" class="oflox-

Friends, now after copying this code, you can place a search box in any of your websites and blogs, etc. wherever you want. That too for free.

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