How to Create Backlinks for My Website Free: A-to-Z Guide!

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Everyone, from an established professional blogger or a newbie to large website owners, strives to rank higher and higher in search engine research pages (SERP). They use various means, like Search Engine Optimization and other strategies, for this. One such strategy is backlink creation, which provides value to your websites. This ultimately increases your website’s rank, because search engines believe your content to be worthwhile as others are mentioning that on their websites.

Big websites and brands can easily afford to collaborate and gain a backlink. But for new bloggers, are still striving to grab one. To resolve this, we have come up with solutions through which you can gain free backlinks. Note that it requires good effort, patience, and time. But the result can enhance your website’s rank a lot.

How to Create Backlinks for My Website Free

So let’s get complete information about How to Create Backlinks for My Website Free without wasting any time, come on.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are nothing but a link to a website mentioned on other web pages. They are used as a ranking factor by search engines like Google because when one website connects to another, it indicates that the latter considers the content to be of high quality. A site’s ranking position and visibility in search engine results can be improved to a great extent by using high-quality backlinks.

Types of backlinks:

There are two types of links: one that is dominating the other in terms of providing value.

1. No-follow links

Search engines will avoid a link if it has a Nofollow tag. The reason behind this is that they don’t transfer any value from one website to another. Therefore, they don’t help you increase your visibility in search results.

2. Do-follow links

This backlink is required by all. Note that links coming from reputable websites are the ones with the most value. Your search engine rankings may benefit from this type of backlink.

There are do-follow links, though, that are regarded as being harmful. Firstly, they are from unknown websites. Secondly, most of the people who acquire them do so by violating search engine service terms.

This could result in Google penalizing your site. In order to rank better, keep in mind that quality, not quantity, determines how well a website performs.

The importance of backlinks:

You have to choose between investing time and money in marketing. If you spend time, then you’re more likely to get free backlinks. Besides this, you’ll get a high return as the time and work you spend obtaining backlinks pay off in the long run. Have a look at these advantages :

1. Enhanced knowledge of your field

Through the process of conducting market research and obtaining backlinks, you will have a better understanding of your target market’s demands and preferences. That information will be useful whether you choose to undertake paid traffic campaigns or concentrate only on SEO.

2. It broadens business networks

Gaining free backlinks might sometimes help you expand your network. The best opportunities in business come from your network. These opportunities include high-paying jobs, collaboration, and others. Respectful relationships allow you to maintain and grow those connections for future opportunities.

3. Boost your SEO knowledge

Professionals in online marketing should constantly work to improve their abilities. You’ll stay current if you put in the effort to obtain free backlinks.

4. Long-term strategy

Suppose you have spent around $500 on Instagram ads. But what after that? The traffic will vanish like an open kerosene lamp. Again, you have to invest in driving traffic towards your website and, likewise, it will go on. It’s a great strategy to try and an efficient way to obtain a quick rush of visitors. If you earn backlinks, the effect will last for months, years, or even decades.

How to Create Backlinks for My Website Free:

Now the question arises how to earn these backlinks without a penny? Firstly, your good effort, time, and patience will be required. Rest all you need to do is, go through each and every bit of the below-mentioned points.

Steps for How to Create Backlinks for My Website Free:

1. Examine your current backlink profile

If you are an old gamer in the field, Firstly, you need to analyze your existing backlinks to see how they’re working as of then and their effect on your web everything. It’ll help you to enhance your strategy and invest in a better backlink profile. If you’re new, within a few months you’ll begin to gain backlinks only if your web content and everything else is worth it. Otherwise, you can acquire it via marketing tactics.

Look at the two points below for gaining free backlinks :

Many specialists in outreach marketing advise keeping opening remarks on a short note. Firstly, strive for no more than 100-200 words. The message you are sending should reflect your concern for the recipient rather than for you.

The best part of this is that it doesn’t matter whether you know the person or he is a stranger to you. You can still use the outreach technique, but it will require more effort and possibly less success; however, if you have the ability to make people appeal to you, you will undoubtedly succeed. To interact with a specific person, first, make a good bond with them.

2. Ask your friends for backlinks

On a similar note, let’s return to your network and ask for more unpaid backlinks. The appropriate approach is necessary for this procedure to be effective, though.


  • When requesting a backlink, provide value. Try to win their hearts and control their thoughts. For instance, if your friend is a fan of the Marvel series, the related content will be more appealing to him. It will have a great effect, and it’s more likely that your friend will accept the offer. As an alternative, link your request to a purpose that your friend shares. You will send an outreach message, such as an email, Facebook message, LinkedIn message, etc., to seek the backlink, just like with the first strategy.


  • Firstly, keep in mind that you have to ask for links to your specific page, whether it is a blog, products, services, etc., and not on the homepage of websites. Many have observed that the specific page is more appealing.

If you are submitting many requests, take your time and ensure that each one is accurate. Messing up details is the worst thing you can do.

3. Interact with trade magazines and websites

Everyone wants to be featured in a top publishing house like the Hindustan Times and receive a free backlink. However, we’re not ready for this now.

Even if we were prepared, our niche isn’t a top priority for these huge general interest newspapers. You can achieve greater outcomes by doing more in-depth research on different newspapers that are more related to your sector than you would by spending weeks pitching to the top newspaper or other top publishing houses.

There is a whole category of specialized industry magazines where you can gain backlinks even if you are unable to get on Forbes and others. Here is an instance of the same with which you can gain free backlinks.

  • Step 1. Search Google for publications and blogs.

Use keywords like “project management blogs,” “project manager blogs,” “project management magazines,” and others to narrow your search results.

  • Step 2. Look for the result websites.

Consider taking a look around the website, and if it seems like a better match, add it to your list of websites to get in touch with. This list of potential free backlink opportunities can be kept up to date using a straightforward spreadsheet.

  • Step 3. Begin with the Outreach process explained above.

You can offer to write a guest post or request a backlink to a related URL on your website. The finest outcomes have come from writing excellent guest blog entries.

4. Retry using your previous contents

Imagine producing one piece of content that generates three different backlinks. When you employ content repurposing, it is simple.

Below is an instance of the same:

  • You publish a well-liked blog entry that receives lots of good traffic and backlinks. So you need to resurrect it to get more traffic and backlinks.
  • Produce a similar piece of content on a new platform that covers the same material as the original blog article.
  • Post social media updates that link to the original article or blog or in other forms. You may employ this tactic again, depending on your ability, to share the same message. It could feel difficult the first time you use content reuse. But it will work.

5. Listen to podcasts

The good news is that by talking about your website and appearing on pertinent podcasts, you can gain high-quality backlinks.

The foundation of many podcasts is interviewing fresh guests. You can grab this opportunity. Make some preparations in advance in order to receive the best free backlinks from podcast appearances. The theme of the podcast and a couple of topics you feel comfortable talking about for a long time could be helpful.

Here is a short note on the subject that you can read:

  1. Contents: Be assured if you have some extremely valuable content. Moreover, don’t forget to build an opt-in page where you can provide a gift and collect email addresses.
  2. Search: Try to be a guest on your industry or niche podcast. For instance, you create tech-related blogs. To promote it, try to indulge in podcasts relating to technology.
  3. Analyze: You can get a sense of the host’s style and the types of questions that are frequently addressed by listening to a podcast episode. Write down your thoughts regarding the podcast’s most useful aspects as you listen.
  4. Appear as a guest on the podcast: You might have a few chances to provide links to your website throughout your presentation. It must be brief and easy to pronounce if you’re stating a URL, like your domain name. In short, the link should be small and memorable.

Ensure that the show notes for the podcast contain links to your website: For each episode of a podcast, there are notes on the same on their blog posts. These blog entries include links to the resources cited in the podcast episode, summarise them, and invite readers to listen. A wonderful place to obtain backlinks is here.

6. Comment on websites with high-quality content

Even if these backlinks don’t always pass through SEO, they still aid in connection building and drive more qualified traffic to your website. This strategy also expands your network and creates the possibility for future guest postings.

I advise using this backlink technique in conjunction with the other suggestions in this post for the best results.

Does leaving blog comments still make sense? Yes, provided you approach it with the intention of developing a rapport with the website owner.

Don’t write pointless comments of 2 to 3 words, such as “nice post,” while leaving comments.

7. Utilize your social media accounts

It’s simple to grab this. Make sure your URL is included on the social media profiles for your business. You can obtain free backlinks from social media in different ways.

  1. Your social media profile: On the main page of most social networks, you can enter your URL. Enter the URL of a landing page to collect leads and make the most of this online space.
  2. Social media updates and posts: The majority of your postings on various social media platforms can contain unpaid links back to your website.
  3. Updates and posts on social media made by third parties: You can also request or encourage people to share links to your material even though it’s out of your control.

8. Get Ideas from Your Competitors

A tried-and-true tactic is to look up free backlink ideas from your competition. Start by entering the domain of your rival in Monitor Backlinks.

Assume you ran a website that was an opponent to By selecting the “Competitor Links” tab as shown in the screenshot below, you can view the backlink status of their rivals:

In general, use domain authority. Unless you already have at least one high authority backlink of DA 50 or above, You have to stay away from DA 50 and higher backlinks even if you find them. In this case, concentrate your efforts on backlink chances with a lower DA.

9. Convert brand mentions or tags into backlinks

Established websites looking to obtain free backlinks should use this strategy. You’re more likely to receive brand mentions once your website has been live and active for a good number of months or years.

To obtain these incredibly valuable branded backlinks, take the following actions:

  1. Come up with a list of pertinent brands: These are references that people could use to refer to your website. That could incorporate the names of your founders or directors as well as your real brand name.
  2. Allow Google Alerts: You will be given the choice of receiving alerts at various frequencies. I suggest starting with daily alerts and switching to weekly if you get too many responses.
  3. Examine the Google Alerts brand mentions that appear: If you ever see your company name referenced, consider whether it might be a given free backlink. Try to make your website good; you’ll gain backlinks through that also. You can still attempt to obtain a backlink even if the brand mentioned is unfavorable, but your chances of success will be decreased to some extent.

10. Make use of broken links

Broken backlinks degrade the web’s quality. By correcting them, you can offer great help to them. Below are the steps to locate the broken link :

  1. Make a list of websites from which you’d like to gain a backlink from.
  2. Use the Broken Link Checker tool to discover broken backlinks on their pages.
  3. Evaluate the relevancy of each of the broken backlinks to your website. To decide if you have a URL that would be a good replacement for a broken backlink, you must apply your best judgment.
  4. Contact the website’s owner and ask that they substitute one of your URLs for the broken one on their site.

Keep in mind that you must use effective communication skills when contacting a website owner to resolve a broken backlink. Avoid appearing as though you’re criticizing them for being careless.

You found a broken connection and have a resource that will help, so keep your request brief and kind. In order to avoid embarrassing or upsetting the website owner, please avoid making this request via publicized platforms like social media.

Hope you have learned about How to Create Backlinks for My Website Free. So now if you want, you can watch the video given above to get complete information about How to Create Backlinks for My Website Free.


This is all you need to do to get free backlinks. What it’ll require is just your effort, time, patience, and consistency to gain it. These strategies are widely used and have proven to be effective. Go through each bit of the article to grab the full details of the same.

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