How to Get Your Blog Noticed by Google: The Beginner’s Guide!

In today’s article, I am going to tell you about How to Get Your Blog Noticed by Google, so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about it, so let’s start.

Nowadays blogging is gaining popularity among the youths. According to research daily, more than ten thousand newbies join the field. What’s so special about blogging? Blogging is a way to express all your knowledge or expertise in any field in the form of phrases or sentences. Irrespective of the field it allows you to express and at the same time, you can earn a lot too. Moreover, it doesn’t limit its users to a particular language, there are several languages in which you can create your own blog.

However where most people face issues is in optimizing it,i.e, getting it noticed by Google. Here we’re for your aid to the solution. Have a complete go-through at the steps below mentioned steps and when you’ll be browsing the last segment you will have a lot of information to get your blog noticed by Google.

How to Get Your Blog Noticed by Google

So let’s get complete information about How to Get Your Blog Noticed by Google without wasting any time, come on.

How to Get Your Blog Noticed by Google:

Let us now get complete information about How to Get Your Blog Noticed by Google:

1. Keep the look of your blog simple

Most blogs are meant to provide information to audiences, so keeping the blog has more effects the same. But the truth is that many believe that in order to draw attention to their site, they must make several adjustments and use fancy aspects. That’s the wrong way to go about creating a website that really stands out from the competition. Therefore, less is always more when it comes to the internet. If you keep things simple, you can draw more people.

Here are some tips on how to keep the design of your website and other crucial elements simple.

1. Maintain a simple sidebar

Many times, it happens that bloggers use their sidebars as tools for infatuation. They add too many widgets or use none. When it comes to effectively maintaining your sidebar, you need to focus on a few widgets only. Generate leads, display popular posts, submit forms, and others, this has a good impact.

2. Reduce the number of media-sharing icons you use

It’s pointless to include a lot of social sharing icons at the bottom of your posts, on the left, right, and in each section’s sidebars. If you use too many social sharing icons, no one will share. But yeah, if your website has good traffic, it may work, but in most cases, it won’t happen. Using two or three social media buttons on sites is good and creates a good impact on your audience. Doing this can make your audience spend the majority of their time and ultimately reduce your blog bounce rate percentage.

3. Avoid asking for too many details

Though having an email can help you to find your potential customers and increase your conversion rate, at the same time, it hampers many users’ experiences. So if you’re serious about making money from blogging and getting your blog noticed, build an email list. However, keep it limited to asking for the name or email address only. Sometimes, simply asking for their email address is sufficient.

4. Maintain a simple logo for your website

To create a logo for your website, either hire someone on Fiverr or Upwork or use free logo maker tools online. Just keep it simple rather than using fancy letters or color combinations. If at all possible, include a tagline about your website.

5. Display a limited number of posts on the home page

Add 2-3 or a maximum of 5 blog posts as a display list on your homepage. It is more effective. However, if you’re running a new website, 10 posts will be better for you.

2. Get your blog featured on Google

The best way to get featured is through a Google search. The below-mentioned points will give you a complete understanding of the same. 

Featured Snippets 

A search engine (Google or others) API determines that a web page certainly includes a relevant answer to the searcher’s question and displays the result, which is known as a “featured snippet.” These contents are displayed on search pages only instead of inside a webpage.

Here are a few things you can do to get featured snippets for your content:

  • Proper use of tags for subheadings that clearly depict segments
  • Add a FAQ section to your blog posts to answer your readers’ questions. It leaves a good impression and enhances your blog posts too.
  • Note that if subheadings are descriptive instead of two-three words, they are more likely to get featured in Google snippets. This is the most efficient method for obtaining snippets for almost all the keywords that your target audience is searching for on Google.
  • Be assured that you are familiar with the questions that your target audience can ask you. For this, you can refer to sites like Quora to see what questions people in your industry are asking. In fact, I also sometimes use it to provide the best answers to users.
  • Be thorough with the content. The majority of selected snippets have really extensive content, so we frequently find a pattern in them. Workaround Google’s bias in favor of detailed information to improve your search engine rankings.

3. Make use of the review plugin

One of the best strategies to increase click-through rates for your blog posts, reviews, and other content is to include star ratings in Google’s rich snippets. If you’re a WordPress user, you’ll be aware of “wp review Pro”.

If you are aware of it, you know that Google displays rich snippets that extract and display more relevant information from websites than the standard preview text. 

4. Start using Semrush

Semrush is the one tool you absolutely must have access to. With over 10 million users worldwide, Semrush is without a doubt the most popular SEO tool for tasks like keyword research, competitor analysis, site audits, and domain comparison.

Here are a few of the key advantages of using Semrush to promote your blog, especially in a saturated market.

  • To properly evaluate a site, use Domain Analytics, which assists with traffic analysis and provides keyword information for domains and URLs.
  • When conducting SEO and PPC keyword research, the Keyword Analytics function allows you to examine analytics for popular search terms and ad copy from your competitors’ websites.
  • The capacity to design and oversee online projects that aid in website audits, tracking, and analyzing in order to rank well in search engines like Google.

5. Your Blog content 

What distinguishes you as a writer is your unique writing technique. Because of the tone of their work, few people online rapidly gain attention. They don’t use a generic voice when posting. They stand out from the crowd by writing in an approachable or humorous style.

Below are some points that will assist you in enhancing your writing.

1. Writing consistency (every day)

Whether you are too busy or are already a skilled writer, you must develop the habit of writing every day. You won’t be able to produce content that is read before and only after that.

2. Short paragraphs are the best

Online reading differs a lot from offline reading. Online readers will find it difficult to comprehend your posts if you use lengthy paragraphs. So, keep in mind when writing that paragraphs should be no more than 5-8 lines long.

3. Analyze other bloggers’ posts

Reading or analyzing other bloggers’ articles is a great way to get better at writing. Examine how other bloggers and well-known people are writing and capturing the interests of their readers by reading their postings. Think first about your readers. You cannot create a successful blog without readers.

You can’t create a well-known blog or website if all of your efforts are directed just toward increasing page views or traffic. While having numerous authors regularly update your blogs and websites may increase your revenue, it doesn’t guarantee that you will establish yourself as an authority in your field.

You can’t gain anything from the traffic, so focus on people who will pay you. Instead of search engine crawlers, people buy from you and share your posts. Therefore, when you first start blogging, put less emphasis on SEO-related issues and more emphasis on user interaction.

Use them, do polls, use your email lists, and other methods to learn about all of their issues in an effort to understand their complaints.

4. Be assured that your content is unique.

Try to address each issue raised by your readers, but only one at a time. You just can not provide all of the answers at once. In order to make compelling blog entries, you must generate lots of ideas, find excellent solutions, and write about them.

You won’t be able to attract more people’s attention over time until you do that. Keep in mind that consistency is what will help you in the long run; having a successful blog requires patience.

Note that it’s your content that will signify whether your blog will be successful or unsuccessful blog. If you have noticed that a well-known blog in your niche has solutions to each of your problems. Therefore, it’s obvious that you or some other audience will think about using something whenever they release it on their sites.

It is important to concentrate on providing an enhanced user experience through your content. Look for the below-mentioned points :

5. Use other people’s traffic

You may need to seek assistance from time to time when blogging. If you don’t get the aid of others, it would take a lot of time to grow. For success in blogging, you will need help. Basically, this is a strategy that is useful to both parties.

The strategies that are mentioned below are always helpful.

6. Guest blogging 

Firstly, you must take guest posting as a method of developing connections rather than backlinks. You will then receive all you desire, including traffic, subscribers, money, and even links. So concentrate on creating excellent pieces for others, developing your confidence, forging connections, and increasing blog traffic.

Link dropping is the practice of linking to other bloggers from your own blogs. The readers of your site will have a better experience if you link to relevant posts from other bloggers. This tactic will also help you develop strong relationships with the people you are constantly linked to. They will eventually begin connecting to your posts as well, so start doing it now.

After publishing an article, look around at other blogs in your niche and start leaving comments. Nowadays, leaving comments on other blogs is a solid strategy to attract people to your blog and website. You may expand your network and online reach in addition to getting traffic.

6. Keywords analysis

Though you’re creating high-quality content, there is something you should be aware of. Go through the below paragraph.

To locate keywords that fit your niche, you’ll need to do a lot of research. Once you have researched you can target your audiences with that particular keyword. If you’re publishing content on SEO, for example, you’ll need to locate the most searched keywords related to SEO and then try to target them in your next blog post in order to obtain a high rate of traffic from search engines. For keyword research tools, you can refer to our blog on the same.

7. Drive a lot of Traffic

If you have accomplished all the steps above, now you need to focus on gaining traffic. 

As already mentioned above, the key to achieving this is by conducting keyword research and producing content of good quality (unique). However, there are two different kinds of traffic: targeted and non-targeted. Your blog has to be promoted to the right audience.

If you create a blog about SEO, for instance, you will require users looking for SEO content. However, if all of your followers are searching for some other news, your site will eventually go away. Moreover, the targeted traffic has a higher conversion rate. Therefore, always use targeted traffic to your site by using analyzed keywords.

8. Creating Backlinks

This is not understood by writers who believe that obtaining numerous backlinks will boost their search engine rankings and generate great traffic. But unfortunately, nowadays, Google is severe about penalizing any form of manual creation; they only need natural, high-quality links.

For creating natural and quality backlinks, you can use any manual technique to create backlinks, but only from blogs with high authority (domain authority). Otherwise, Google won’t see the connection as natural.

Do this with the utmost care, as one low-quality backlink can hamper your blog’s SEO and ruin all your hard work. Therefore, be assured of safety when creating backlinks. Note that one authority link is far better than numerous low-quality links.

9. Find your limit according to your audience’s needs

Most people think that daily publishing is bad. Some claim that posting frequently will help you reach more people. Look for what your audience’s needs are, and ask them via email or some other method.

Some people can only create one outstanding post every day, while others may only produce two posts per week. There is nothing wrong with figuring out the ideal blog post frequency for your site to grow. It can take some time to become aware of your personal threshold. Discover, test, and analyze how it functions to increase your readership.

10. Interact with these influencers on social media

You can benefit greatly from social media influencers. But remember, developing connections is not something you should do merely for the sake of getting its large benefits. Instead, concentrate on providing them with enormous value and helping them expand their audience. Over time, they will assist you as well.

Before asking influencers for assistance, consider the following suggestions:

  • Inform them of any broken links you discover on their websites.
  • share their blog content via social media networks.
  • Often, I send them kind emails to stay in touch by leaving comments on their blog entries.

11. Use bait to expand your email list

To achieve this, compile a responsive email list. You can’t really grow your blog’s readership without developing an email subscriber list. After all, you must convince a small audience to pay attention to what you have to say.

They won’t be able to care about your things or purchase your goods until that time, and just that time. You may develop lasting relationships with your readers only by employing an email list. If you have strong relationships with them, it will be simple for you to increase sales of your own products or those through affiliate marketing.

Always keep in mind that, particularly in internet commerce, consumers don’t buy from strangers. To convince people to buy, you must gain their trust and establish a connection. The best method for doing that is to build an email list.

12. Your blog’s uniqueness comes from its design

Invest in your blog design if you’re thinking seriously about making money from your website. The majority of online users won’t enjoy reading content on a site with a lot of complexity. Make your blog beautiful and simple to draw readers in.

Make an effort to get more blog comments on your posts. This is a proven way to stand out from the crowd with your WordPress blog. If there are no comments on your posts, visitors will assume that you have no original content and will abandon your blog quickly, increasing your bounce rates.

Follow the below techniques to increase blog comments.

  • Thank you to those who leave comments. You should always respond to comments people leave on your posts, or go to their blogs and leave your own.
  • Start by commenting on other blogs. If you don’t leave comments on previous blogs, why would anyone leave one on a new one? It’s just common sense, so start leaving comments on other blogs, and you’ll soon start to see the effects.
  • A great network will help you sell your items and earn money, so make sure you are giving your audience a tonne of value. Your online reputation and financial success will gradually decline if customers don’t believe that your products offer any actual value.

Hope you have learned about How to Get Your Blog Noticed by Google, and you can watch the above video to know about How to Rank Your Website on Google. And you can get complete information on this subject.


The above guide is compiled after several research and interaction with some affiliates. The article will definitely help you to build a good website for affiliate marketing. Moreover, the strategies mentioned can boost it too and enhance the drive rate of audiences.

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