How To Detect Malicious Code In WordPress Website (Full Guide)

Do you want to know How To Detect, Find & Check Malicious & Malware Code in WordPress Website. If you want to know or check. So you keep reading this post.

aksar aapne dekha hoga, ki When we throw an item made of iron somewhere, junk starts coming in it after some time. One example of this is the script of our site. When we get our site’s theme, plugin etc. If you do not update for a long time, then virus starts coming in it.

How To Detect Malicious Code In WordPress

This has the greatest impact on the performance and security of our site. We are going to tell in this post how to scan Junk files in the site. We will tell many ways for this, so that you can easily scan the virus of your site.

How To Detect Malicious Code In WordPress Website?

Often, we get the question of wordpress users, what kind of a method is there, by which we can scan malicious or unwanted code in our site. If you also want to know the answer, then I want to tell you that there are both paid and free ways for this. In this post, we will tell you about the free way, by which you can easily detect and clean malicious code from your site.

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If you are an old wordpress user, then you will know that when someone creates a blog in wordpress for the first time, they try using new widgets, themes and plugins in it. At that time, they do not even think about how much trouble they may face in the coming time.

There are thousands of plugins and themes in WordPress. There are many themes and plugins that are regularly updated, but some such themes and plugins are available which have not been updated for many months. Malicious code, viruses are found in similar themes and plugins. There will be many such people in all of us who check their last update before installing the theme or plugin in their blog! When many people install a plugin in a blog, only the icon is seen. The performance of blogs of such people is down.

Whenever you install a theme or plugin in your blog, first check what its last update date is. If it has been updated more than 6 or 6 months then do not update it by mistake. You might not know that by installing this, both the performance and security of your site can be spoiled.

1. What will happen with Malicious Code in WebSite?

If you have read yourself properly, then you must have understood a little bit about what will happen due to malicious code in the site! If you have not understood, then we tell you in a few points below what will be the effect in our site.

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First of all, this makes the site very slow and when visitors visit, they leave due to slow loading.

  1. This has a great impact on the security of our site.
  2. If there is a virus in it, then the site in Google Chrome will not open soon and there will be a warning show.
  3. This also directly affects the SEO of our site. Because if our site contains virus or malicious code, then the search engine comes to know about it first.
  4. There will be a lot of load on your hosting server and your server may be down.
  5. All the big river search engines are there, they will put your site in the spam list.
  6. If you do not scan the site’s virus and malicious code for a long time, then your site may get a penalty from Google.
  7. Just as you cannot delete the big virus from the computer, similarly you will not be able to delete the big virus of the site by hosting.

2. How To Check Malicious code from Theme & Plugin in WordPress.

Now you must have understood what effect our site has due to malicious in the site. After this, we are going to know how to scan malicious code in wordpress. If your site is on wordpress, then there is a risk of malicious code and virus in your site, so let’s check.

Step 1:- First login to the WordPress blog and install the Theme Authenticity Checker plugin.

Theme Authenticity Checker Plugin

Step 2:- Now go to Dashboard »Appearance» TAC and after that the result will come here.

Theme Authenticity Checker Plugin

If there is no malicious code or virus in the theme of your site, then green will be written OK and if this is not done then your site may contain malicious code or virus.

Check the themes of your site. There will be malicious code in the theme itself, and if a plugin has been updated 6 months ago, then there is a risk of malicious code coming in it. If you want, you can also use the Exploit Scanner plugin. It scans the database and files of your site to tell if your site has malicious code or virus.

So friend, I hope that you will now know how to detect malicious code in wordpress website for free, so if you have any questions and suggestions related to this, you can tell us in the comment box below.

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