What Is YouTube Shorts & How To Create & Use YouTube Shorts?

Do you want to know What Is YouTube Shorts. When, how and why to use YouTube Shorts App and Feature. And when will YouTube Shorts launch in India? So keep reading this post today. Because today we are going to get complete information about YouTube Shorts.

First of all, let me tell you that Youtube Shorts will be a new app of Google. The app can be called or can be a feature. Youtube can also create an app for YouTube Shorts. Or you can create a Feature and Tab within the YouTube App itself. Nothing can be said about it either.

What Is YouTube Shorts

YouTube is preparing to bring a feature that will allow users to create short videos like TikTok. According to the information received, the company is currently working on this feature and it will be launched by the end of 2020. According to reports, it will be known as ‘Shorts’. Through this feature, YouTube will aim to compete with TikTok, Mitron App, Moj, and Mx TakaTak etc.

What Is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts will be a free short video sharing platform ie app like TikTok, Moj, MX TakaTak, and Mitron App etc. Where you can create your own small videos and upload and watch them for free.

And as you know, TikTok has become a very big Video Sharing Platform in the last few years. And when TikTok did not stop in India. At that time, tiktok had more than 800 Million Active Users, who use Tiktok daily. Now you see and think And the founder of TikTok has also said that TikTok is the most used in India. So around this 200 to 300 million users will be from India.

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And as you know, now that TikTok is closed in India, platforms like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Moj, MX TakaTak, and Mitron App etc. want to bring these users to their platform somehow. One of which is Google’s Part of YouTube. He is also involved in this race.

Apart from this, let me tell you that you can upload a 60-second video here in the same way. Like you used to make on TikTok etc. Or making it. But YouTube has not revealed this yet. Whether you will use this feature of YouTube in a new App or a Tab / Feature will be provided within the YouTube App itself.

1. YouTube Shorts App Launch/Release Date In India?

If you are looking for, want to find out more. Of “youtube shorts app kab aayega” or YouTube shorts app launch / release date in india so let me tell you.

According to YouTube and sources, YouTube Shorts App can be launched and released in India in any month of the last of 2020 like November and December. Because YouTube has spoken in the last of 2020, and these are the months in the last.

So if you are also waiting for YouTube Shorts, then you are staying till the last month of 2020. It is possible that YouTube will launch its platform.

2. How To Earn/Make Money YouTube Shorts?

According to me, if you want to earn money from YouTube Shorts, then you have to take Google Adsense Approvel just like YouTube. Or if you want, you can earn from sponsorship and review etc.

And it can happen that if you already have a YouTube channel, then you can crack its Google adsense. Or maybe, Google can also keep its platform YouTube Shorts Ads Free.

3. How To Download YouTube Shorts App?

If you want to download YouTube Shorts App, then keep patience for October, November or December because YouTube can add this platform to YouTube App as well. Or you can also make a special app for this. And if youtube is created. And if someone gives a link to download it publicly, then we will definitely provide it to you.

4. YouTube Shorts Website?

As you know, YouTube has not yet launched YouTube Shorts, so obviously it will not have launched its website either. But if I tell you, YouTube does not buy any domain name for any of its feature, platform and product. He does all such things on his “subdomain”. So hopefully, YouTube can use the “” subdomain for this.

YouTube Shorts Website

And according to me, YouTube Shorts website can be something like this. Because YouTube often uses similar layouts.

5. YouTube Shorts Photos?

Friends, if you want to see and download YouTube Shorts photos or Graphics, then you can use them. But let me tell you, YouTube Team has not yet published and publicly shared any graphics of YouTube Shorts.

But we hope that the graphics of YouTube Shorts can be like this. So if you want, you can use them.

6. YouTube Shorts Logo?

And as you all know, no photo, graphics, baner, icon, logo, app and website have been launched yet. Nor does anyone know how this can happen.

And as you all know, no photo, graphics, baner, icon, logo, app and website have been launched yet. Nor does anyone know how this can happen.

So guys, hope you liked it. And if you still have any questions and suggestions, then you can tell us in the comment box below.


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