How To Earn Money From Roposo App (Step By Step)

In this post today, I will tell you “How To Earn Money From Roposo App & how to earn more money in roposo” or roposo app se paise kaise kamaye, so if you want to get full information about all these, then today Keep reading this post.

As you all know, in today’s time, many ways to earn money online are unavailable. Of which the application is also one. Yes? Apart from Mitron App, Moj App, YouTube, & many such Short Video Sharing App have now come online.

You can earn very good money by making your short videos. But the condition is that the video people should like it. Now whether it is dance, music, education, or the most popular category comedy.

How To Earn Money From Roposo App

So today we are going to talk about one such famous Indian App (Roposo), and how you can earn money from Roposo App. So let’s get full information about it.

Roposo is the app of which country.

It is India’s own short video-sharing app created by the Glance company. Although many such Indian apps have come, Roposo remains in the first place among all of them. While there was a risk of data privacy on China’s TikTok, in Roposo you can post your videos without any problems. Their company does not share its user data with anyone.

So now you must know who is the owner of Roposo, this is the app of which country, after the ban on TikTok, both users and creators are looking for new apps. In such a situation, Roposo can be a better option for them. If you are a creator, then you should try using this app, you can also be famous for it. Now many Tik Tok Creators have started connecting with this app.

Who owns the Roposo App?

For your information, please tell the owner of Roposo App i.e. Owner Mayank Bhangadia (CEO), Avinash Saxena, Kaushal Shubhank. These three people have been students of IIT Delhi and together they have created the Roposo App, you can also call them the founders, of their parent company Glance InMobi Pte. Ltd.

This app was created in 2014 but short video-sharing apps were not so popular at that time. This is the reason why it did not succeed in the beginning but when Tik Tok started becoming popular worldwide, many applications like this started being made and started trending.

As we all know, Tok Tok became very popular in India, but it has been banned by the Government of India regarding data privacy. After this, its option began to be discovered in India, it was a good opportunity for Roposo’s team. Given this, his company launched the Roposo app for Android and iOS on 10 June 2020.

How To Earn Money From Roposo App!

As you all know that till now many people have earned money from the Roposo app. Below I am giving some ways to earn money from the Roposo App, you can use these steps for more information.

1. Gift Coins

Yes? This is the first way to earn money from the Roposo App. When your viewers give a reaction to your video, you get the coins of those reactions. Apart from this, if your video gets featured on the Roposo Stars Channel, then you get 5000 coins. And whenever you want, you can convert those coins into money and get them in your wallet.

2. Promotion

Promotion is the best way to earn money from the Roposo app. You can earn good money by Promoting the brand. If you have many likes and followers on your video, then the brand will contact you and ask you to promote your product. You can then earn money by Promoting the brand.

3. Sponsorship

The second best way to earn from the Roposo app is sponsorship when you have many followers or average followers, then you get many products in the sponsorship which you have to tell about and that product becomes yours.

4. Affiliate Marketing

The third way to earn from the Roposo app is affiliate marketing and this is the best way you can earn by telling about a product in the video or by using an affiliate link to use a product.

5. Branding

If you have more followers on the Roposo app, then with the help of the Roposo app, you can promote good followers on them by promoting your other social media like Instagram, YouTube, etc.

6. Collaboration

The fifth and last way to make money from the Roposo app is collaboration. If you have too many followers, then you can take charge of collaborating with small creators. Whenever someone makes a small creator video with you, then you take money from it and make videos with it. Can.

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So hopefully now you will know that “How To Earn Money From Roposo App & How to Earn More Money in Roposo” or roposo app se paise kaise kamaye, like all social media youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, you can make good money from Roposo app also you can make more money from other social media with the help of Roposo app Can.

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