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How To Make A Word Counter Online Tool For Free | With Easy Steps

In this post today, I will tell you How To Make A Word Counter Online Tool For Free. How to create a professional online free unique and easy Word Counter tool. With the help of this tool, Word Counter, you can count any word, keyword, paragraph and article with a timer.

First of all let me tell you that this is a free online word counter script. Which is absolutely free for all of you. This script is a professional script. Designed and developed by oflox.

How To Make A Word Counter

So, friends, without losing time, quickly learn about this free word counter tools.

How To Make A Word Counter Online Tool For Free!

Friends, this word counter is created by HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. You can also create a Word Counter Web App using this script. Because this word counter is especially designed for smartphones.

How To Make A Word Counter

And if you want to see and use this word counter live, you can try it by clicking on the button named Live Preview below.

Also let me tell you that word counter is also known as letter counter. Because the work of these two is exactly the same. Just the name is different.

Also let me tell you that when you use this script. So it gives you characters, words, sentences, paragraphs, And tells the top keywords along with reading time.

How To Make A Word Counter

Friends, if you want this script, you can download this counter for free by clicking on the Download Now button below. And if you need updates to this script, you can contact us.

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