Is Blogging Dead In 2022? Here’s All You Need To Know!

Are you a blogger and want to know that Is Blogging Dead? What is the Reason and What is the Solution? So if you want to get complete information about it, then keep reading this post today.

As you already know, blogging is a good way to earn money sitting at home. And here you can earn thousands and millions of rupees. But some bloggers and YouTubers have been claiming this for some time, that blogging is dead.

Let me tell you, according to Moz co-founder Rand Fish kin, most of the visitors who come to Google get to see the information in the snippet of the search engine, due to this Zero Click Searches are increasing day by day.

Is Blogging Dead

So without losing time, let us quickly learn about this question “Is Blogging Dead” in full detail, so let’s start.

Is Blogging Dead In 2022?

No, Blogging is not dead, because millions of new keywords are searched on Google every day. And Google also needs new content for these new keywords. So if Zero Click Searches has increased due to feature snippets on old keywords, then we should work on new and unique keywords. Therefore blogging can never be dead.

Because Google will make its features snippet on its own on the old card. That is why we will get unique and high-quality content publishes traffic on the new -new keyword from there. I believe that if Zero Click Searches has increased, then new keywords with hundreds, thousands, millions, and crores have also been added on Google. We can maintain our traffic by working on them.

Why Blogging Is Dead!

In Google’s statement on the question asked to Google, “Why Blogging Is Dead”, there are many reasons why blogging is dead, out of which 2 reasons are most important, so let’s know what those reasons are.

1. So Many Blogs On Google.

First of all, Reason Google said that the number of websites on the internet is increasing every year. New Bloggers are also bringing your blog into the world of Blogging with complete determination. Therefore, due to so many websites on the Internet, competition on the same topic has become very high.

When a user searches a topic on Google’s search engine, he gets countless blogs related to that topic. Out of which most of the users read the content of blog relevant to their topic on the first page of google SERP itself.

Let me tell you about some statistics of the website on Google.

  1. There are about 1.5 billion websites on the Internet.
  2. Of which 152 million are Blogs only.

The percentage of readers who read these blogs is only 35%. You might have been surprised by this information, but this percentage is slowly becoming more work. That’s why it is a matter of great concern for bloggers.

2. Zero Click Searches.

The second biggest reason Google told Zero Click Searches. Blogging is on the verge of being dead due to Zero Click Searches. Now you must be wondering, what are these Zero Click Searches? So let’s first know this.

You can also call Zero Click Searches No Click Searches. In 2022 users want to know more information in working time. Due to which they do not click on many websites and without clicking any link, they get satisfied with the result they get. There are two reasons for Zero Click Searches which are as follows.

  1. Suppose a user searched Google, what is time now and what is the weather today, then Google shows the answers to such questions in its feature snippet. Due to which the user gets his answer on Google itself. And the user does not have to go to any website like this.
  2. The second reason is, suppose a user searches Google on what Is oflox, but if he does not find the correct answer there, he will do the same Where is oflox search. Due to which the search is done on that keyword, but the user goes to another keyword-only after clicking Ziro. So this is also a big reason.

So when the user searched for the first time. What is oflox was not clear. What he wanted. But without any click, he started searching for another topic.

Due to both these reasons, Zero Click Searches is increasing, and due to which Blogging is becoming dead.

3. Video Content.

As you all know, in today’s time you get information on every subject on YouTube. This is the reason that people like to watch video content more than reading online. So this is also the third most important reason.

Blogging Dead Solution!

Are you thinking that Blogging will be dead in the future, then it is totally wrong for you to think that the field of Blogging is very big and there is no problem that does not have a solution, here I have told you some solutions.

After reading those, you will understand by yourself whether Blogging will be dead in the future or not, let me tell you here the solution to save from being Blogging Dead. Which are as follows:

1. Unique Content.

You should research your blog and start writing good keyword high quality content. And avoid working on keywords with Zero Click Searches. If you do this So hopefully you will keep increasing traffic.

2. Update Old Content.

If you are a blogger, then you should keep changing your content from time to time. Changing the content means changing the way of writing the content and trying to make the content exciting and some important things should also be added to it.

Because people get interested in new things with time, if you update your old content according to the time and make it attractive, then traffic on your website also comes good. According to the features launched by Google, you should make changes in your blogging website.

3. Discover and Google News.

Google has recently launched 2 features named Discover and Google News, which is based on the use of mobile phones, Discover is available in Google Chrome for users of Android and iOS devices.

When you login to Google Account in Chrome and then do whatever search you do, then later on the Home page of you have related posts show from those Searches in Discover below.

Even if there are 0% Click Searches, but this feature of Google helps a lot in getting traffic to your website. Similarly, there is Google News Feature. If you have a news website, then you can submit your website in Google News and bring it to Trending.

Which brings good traffic to your website and the ranking of the website also improves. But for this, it is important for your content to be on Fresh and Trending Topic and it is very important for your content to be better than the content of other websites.

For this, it is very important for you to keep in mind that your content does not match with the content of any other website, you have to create a quality and unique content, only then Google’s bots will include your content in Google News.

4. Create a Brand.

If you think how your blog website will be able to rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) in the Situation of 0% Click Searches and you feel that Blogging is going to be dead in future, then you have no need to worry about it.

If you make your website a brand, then by searching on the Visitors Search Engine, Direct can come to your website, which will only result in Traffic Increase on your website because visitors trust more on Brand Websites.

In today’s time, many popular website brands have been created and the number of visitors on them is increasing day by day. For example; In the field of blogging, and online marketing websites like Flipkart, Amazon & oflox, etc.

These are all brand-created websites on which visitors visit by direct search. If you understand this, then you too can make your website a brand.

5. Diversify Your Traffic.

A successful blogger never relies only on search engine, he brings traffic to his website from different places. If you want your website to be ranked high on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), then you should not remain dependent on Search Engine by just SEO of the website.

Rather you should bring traffic to your website from outside, you can easily bring traffic to your website from social media platforms because many people use social media platforms.

Example; You can create your account on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other platforms, create a business page and share your website links on it, so that interested visitors can visit your website, which leads to Traffic Increase on your website and Website’s Ranking Improvement.

To get complete information about is blogging Dead, you can watch this video to get complete information about it.

I hope you see this video. And you must have received complete information on this subject. Now if you want, you can also read this article.

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So friends, I hope that now you have got an honest answer to your question Is Blogging Dead. And if you still have any questions and suggestions related to this, then you can tell us in the comment box below. And thank you very much for reading this post.