10+ Marketing Automation Tools For Startups: Full Guide!

Are you a Digital Marketer? So I will tell you about 10+ Marketing Automation Tools For Startups. So if you want to know about it then keep reading this article completely. so let’s start.

As you all know that in today’s time marketing has become digital.Which we and you know it as digital marketing. Because in today’s time every company is doing its marketing online.And they have stopped doing traditional marketing. Because there is not much benefit in that.

But to do digital marketing i.e. online marketing, you have to resort to some marketing tools. After which you will easily be able to do online marketing for yourself, for your company, or for your customers.

Marketing Automation Tools

But most of the marketers do not know about Marketing Automation Tools, that’s why today I am going to tell you complete information about 10+ Tools For startup developer for the Automation Marketing below in detail. So let’s know.

10+ Marketing Automation Tools For Startups!

Marketing automation is the future. 

The marketing landscape is changing, and more and more businesses are going digital. Marketers, advertisers, and content marketers are shifting to digital platforms for more efficient and measurable online marketing campaigns. By 2023, this industry will be worth 25 billion dollars. 

Ninety-five percent of marketing professionals attest that marketing automation improves content personalization and reaches more users. 

Meanwhile, 90% of marketers credit the success of their marketing campaigns to online tools, with a massive 451% increase in qualified leads

Marketing automation utilizes software and technology to automate repetitive tasks to make workflow more efficient. These tasks include email marketing, ad campaigns, tracking, and others. This strategy allows brands and businesses to be more efficient and hands-off during the marketing process, saving time, money, and energy. It is getting more by doing less. 

As popular as it may be, not all teams need marketing automation. So, when should you decide to automate some parts of your workflow?

Leadfeeder says that not every business or marketing team needs one, and choosing an automation software that works for your brand is actually complicated. 

So, before deciding to purchase or subscribe to a marketing automation software, you should at least know if you are ready to use one and you fully understand your brand’s needs. 

Whether you want to improve customer experience, generate better quality leads, increase revenue, or just increase efficiency and reduce marketing costs while measuring all facets of marketing, you should consider using a marketing automation tool.

You can check the following criteria, and if at least three of the scenarios ring true, then maybe it’s time to decide to automate some parts of your process: 

  1. You have a team member who focuses on marketing. 
  2. You have identified the best marketing channel for your business. 
  3. You already have a marketing strategy. 
  4. Your team has more money than time. 

Now that you understand the need to use tools to improve the marketing process, here are tools that you can use: 

1. Post Planner

Post Planner

Social media exists because of people’s need to connect with others. Without engagement, social media is just a platform. Buffer says that social media is the top choice for customer care and people and businesses exchange 8 billion messages per month on Facebook alone. 

Of course, continuous engagement with your audience requires a lot of time and effort. Post planner is an automation tool that allows marketers, advertisers, and social media managers to post quality content every day, automatically to increase engagement.  

Post Planner compatibility with other apps allows you to share content to the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter in just one click. This tool also enables creators to never run out of content by allowing them to discover viral content from social media, popular articles, images, and videos. 

If you want to try this tool, Post Planner has a 7-day free trial. Premium plans start at $5 per month for small businesses, billed annually. Check the premium solo and business accounts in this link. 

2. Userlist


Userlist is an email marketing automation tool specifically built for SaaS businesses. It has features to nurture leads, onboard users, trigger behavior-based emails, broadcast one-off announcements, and even send in-app messages.

Besides lead nurturing, you can use Userlist ⁠— and, by extension, marketing automation ⁠— for user onboarding, converting leads to free trial users, and converting trial users to paid users with evergreen sales campaigns. You check userlist plans and pricing here.

3. Chisel

Chisel is built by a team that has worked with several world-class products such as Microsoft, Tesla, Google, and so on. 

Chisel enables you to manage projects as you would do in a text editor, and it is one of the most popular project management tools out there.


What makes it stand out as compared to other project management tools is  that it is built like a text editor and has an almost negligible learning curve, you can use a chisel without having to learn it. 

It comes with powerful features such as time-tracking capabilities which help you keep track of your project’s timing so that you never miss a deadline again.

Chisel also comes with real-time user support and chat feature, so that the tool is always available at your disposal whenever you need help or assistance from its team. 

You can create task lists and subtasks for each of them which helps you in identifying the priority tasks and sorting them accordingly. 

Chisel lets users upload files up to 1 GB which makes collaboration much easier than before.

It has been developed by combining lessons from development, management consulting, and data analytics.

Try their free forever version starting at $0. If you wish to subscribe to Chisel’s premium plan, it starts at $79 per month and is billed annually. Check out their pricing plans here

4. Filecamp  

As more companies shift into digital platforms, the number of digital assets also surges exponentially. Statista reported that global data creation is expected to grow from 64.2 zettabytes in 2020 to more than 180 zettabytes by 2025. However, despite this massive number, only 2% of the data produced and consumed in 2020 was retained into 2021. 

Hence, companies should manage their digital assets efficiently with a good team and the right tool. 

Filecamp is an automation tool that makes organizing and file sharing easier. This tool allows teams to collect and organize files easily, increase productivity, and improve collaboration among members. It also enables creators to work efficiently by having a database of its images, stock photos, videos, documents, and other creative files.  

If you want to subscribe, Filecamp offers a basic plan ($29/month), an advanced plan ($59/month), and a professional plan ($89/month). To see the complete list of inclusions and benefits, check this link.

5. Slazzer


In graphic design, having a good background is crucial to creating visually engaging content as it gives depth to the image. Photographers also use artificial backgrounds, especially for product placements. Hence, a good tool for removing backgrounds is crucial. 

Slazzer is an automation tool that instantly detects the subject from any photo and removes the background to create a smooth and precise cut-out. This key feature enables designers to speed up their workflow and process millions of images by integrating API into projects. 

Moreover, this marketing automation tool has built-in plugins with the best design tools, programs, apps, and different e-Commerce platforms to streamline the team’s workflow. 

Slazzer offers a free plan and different subscription plans with top-up options. To see the complete list of paid plans, check this link.

6. Jotform Sign

To create, share, and e-sign documents in minutes. These documents can be signed on any device. You can build the document you need easily by turning existing PDFs into e-sign documents or using one of the 600+ ready-made templates. 

With Jotform Sign, you can eliminate all manual tasks and automate your workflow from start to finish. After creating your documents, you can send them to signers via email, share them by copying and pasting a link, or embed them on your website. 

Jotform’s automation features enable you to add your document and signers to an approval flow and instantly upload the signed documents to your cloud storage account. Also, with Jotform Sign Inbox you can get instant notifications and stay on top of your document’s status.

Jotform offers a free plan with all of the features included. There is only a limit on the number of documents you can create. There are bronze, silver, and gold plans available which cost $34/month, $39/month, and $99/month respectively billed annually. 

7. Encharge


One common problem in marketing is converting potential customers and identifying who is the best fit for the product you are selling. Customer retention is very tricky as it needs to balance finding new leads and at the same time improving customer engagement. 

This email marketing automation tool sends emails based on how customers use the website and automate the user journey based on the data. 

Encharge’s key features include creating quality content, analyzing user behavior, and managing email delivery. This tool helps marketers create quality content by creating beautiful broadcasts to different customer segments, increasing engagement with A/B testing. Moreover, its flow builder allows marketers to understand, map, and design user journeys visually connecting steps. 

This tool also helps marketers analyze user behavior through personalization, user profiles, user segments, and lead scoring. Analyzing user behavior enables Encharge to personalize customer messaging with compelling content. 

Lastly, this automation tool helps marketers manage delivery with its email editor, transactional emails, and email verification. These features allow you to design beautiful email templates, send branded emails, and deliver transactional emails with API. 

If you want to subscribe, Encharge has a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. To check their premium plans starting with $49 per month, check this link. 

8. Missinglettr


Brands don’t need new content for every channel or platform, but you must publish your content on a schedule. If you fail to publish content consistently, it is a tell-tale sign that your content marketing will fail. 

Missinglettr is an all-in-one social marketing platform that enables marketers to create engaging social media posts and grow social media channels without navigating through different applications. 

It features social media drip campaigns, an effective marketing strategy that sends out pre-written posts or “drips” to potential customers. It also enables marketers to automate their social media and drive massive traffic to the website through curated posts. 

For a social media campaign to be successful, understanding your audience is crucial, and this is where Missinglettr stands out. Missinglettr’s social media analytics feature allows marketers to compile data with automated analytic reporting. Through this feature, you can post any content at the best time to reach users and automatically measure engagements across all platforms. 

Missinglettr offers a free subscription, solo plan ($19/month), and pro ($59/per month). Paid plans provide free subscriptions for the first two months for new subscribers. To see the full range of inclusions and benefits, check this link

9. Icons8 Mega Creator 

Icons8 Mega Creator

Users are now more visually literate than ever because of the extensive resources on the internet. Using stock images to visualize your content won’t make you stand out over hundreds or thousands of competitors. It also implies that you are not investing time and effort to create unique content. 

Killer Visual Strategies says that custom visual content is 7x more likely to convert potential customers and guarantee better results. As visual communication is crucial in marketing, Icon8 Mega Creator is online graphic design software that enables creators to customize graphics easily. 

This tool allows you to create a unique design with an in-house graphics production company. You can design your cliparts using high-quality icons, photos, illustrations, background, AI-generated faces, and other templates for popular social media platforms. 

Icon8 offers a free plan and a range of paid plans according to design assets. To see the complete list of paid plans, check this link.

10. Text Blaze

Text Blaze

Content consistency is one of the essential factors determining a brand’s success. Brands and businesses should maintain a consistent voice, tone, and style from social media to customer response to create a solid identity. 

Text Blaze is a marketing automation tool that helps marketers find ways to keep messages consistent. This automation tool lets you save text snippets and templates so you can insert them anywhere on the web using keyboard shortcuts. Text Blaze’s key features include keyword replacements, forms with editable fill fields, and autopilot. It also features previews and shared snippet folders perfect for collaboration among teams. 

For Text Blaze subscription, this tool offers a free basic plan for beginners while offering different monthly plans for professionals, businesses, and enterprises. Check this link to see the range of pricing plans. 

11. AI Writer

AI Writer

Content marketing enables brands and businesses to extend their reach. However, producing quality content consistently is a challenge. Some companies waste time, money, and effort because they don’t create engaging content for their target audience. 

AI Writer is one of the most accurate content generation platforms that utilize the latest AI writing models to generate articles, even from just a headline. This automation tool enables content creators to access full-length article drafts, gives you a solid base for writing, and provides a list of citations to verify the information. 

The AI Writer is a powerful automation tool with a research-and-write feature, text rewording, verifiable citations, and an SEO-focused text editor. 

For AI Writer subscription, pricing includes the basic plan ($29/month), standard plan ($59/month), and a custom plan. To see the full range of inclusions and benefits, check this link. 

12. Oktopost


Marketers face a lot of challenges daily, juggling responsibilities after another. Business-to-business (B2B) marketers commonly face challenges towards generating traffic, proving their ROI to stakeholders, and managing content.

Oktopost is a marketing automation tool that focuses on B2B social management. This tool enables marketers to manage, monitor, and measure social media activities to ensure that they can achieve their marketing goals. 

Oktopost’s key features include social publishing, social analytics, social listening, employee advocacy, among others. This tool helps businesses maximize their content visibility, measure the impact of their marketing campaigns, and create engaging customer experiences. 

To know Oktopost’s current pricing, contact them through this link. 

13. Pixelied


Visuals are crucial in content marketing. Springer says that people who follow directions are 323% better with text and illustrations than text alone. It tells a story, and users are more engaged if good visuals accompany it. However, visualizing content is one of the biggest challenges for content marketers. 

Pixelied is an online graphic editor that enables creators to retouch e-commerce product images, replace backgrounds and create curated visual content for social media. This tool is equipped with image editing tools and solutions tailored for businesses. 

It features an extensive set of free image editing tools that will help you edit your photos or illustrations in just a few clicks. This is perfect for beginners who are just learning graphic design. 

Pixelied offers a free subscription with basic features and a lifetime plan for $97 with 30 days money-back guarantee. To see the complete list of benefits and inclusions, check this link

14. Pixelixe 


It is pretty challenging to be unique in a sea of competition. Ease out of your worries with Pixelixe! This tool lets you create impressive graphics in minutes with its advanced image automation and processing API. Pixelixe offers you access to a massive set of features to let you accomplish graphics designing tasks with flair!  It is the most cost-effective and efficient method of making sure that you  are armed with professional graphics for all your social media marketing and branding needs.

Let Pixelixe help you out as it did with startups, bloggers, marketers, and advertisers through its professional-quality features such as:

  • White Label Editor – Stamp your brand with every design by integrating the elements into your web app!
  • Image Automation API – Seamless editing of graphics elements, such as colors, texts, and dimensions!
  • Image processing API – Flip, crop, rotate, or resize your photos without needing any other tool!
  • Photo Filter API – Bring your design ideas to life and make them unique with photo effects and filters!
  • Design Set Builder – Create design sets and save time updating multiple and different sizes in one go!
  • Unlimited Storage – throw in your creative ideas and design all you want without worrying about extra storage ever again!

To see the complete list of benefits and inclusions, check this link


In summary, there are tons of options for marketing automation software. However, you should remember that the first step is always determining if you need one. Each tool has its benefits and drawbacks, and the best one is the tool that meets your needs. In choosing an automation tool, choose one that aligns with your brand’s purpose, budget, and expertise. After all, everything is a trade-off. 

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