What Is Facebook Instant Article & Its Advantages & Disadvantages?

In today’s post, I will tell you, What Is Facebook Instant Article & Its Advantages & Disadvantages If you want to know, then keep reading this post.

What is Facebook Instant Articles? how does it work? What are the Pros and Cons of Facebook Instant Articles? Friends, today we are going to tell you the answers to all these questions in details. Facebook lauch it long ago but still not many publishers are aware of it. If we know a little bit, then there is some confusion, then we are going to remove these confusion. So you stay with us till the last.

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You all will know that in the past, we told you about Google AMP. Let us tell you an interesting thing that Facebook Instant Article was launched on 12 May 2015 itself and Google launched AMP in February 2016 to give it a competition. Let us tell you one thing that Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles have many similarities.

You must all know about Facebook that it is one of the most popular social network in the world. Anything can be successful only by those who love them. I mean, if people do not use facebook then today the most popular social network of the world could not be created. When people support facebook so much, the facebook team also wants to give better features to its users.

What Is Facebook Instant Article

You must have seen that Facebook has changed a lot in the last few years. Many new features have also been added to this and its popularity has also increased earlier. Some of you all will know about Facebook Instant articles. Because it took many years to launch.

So far, you have not tried using it, so read it carefully below. Because we are going to tell you about this in details. If you are a blogger then this feature of facebook is very important for you. This will also help in increasing the traffic of your site.

What Is Facebook Instant Article?

The Facebook team introduced the Facebook instant article on 12 May 2015. Earlier, very few optimizations were done but gradually it has continued to improve. You can use it easily in your facebook page. For this, you have to setup instant articles once.

If we tell you in simple terms, there are Facebook instant articles, mobile optimized articles, which contain stories, posts, photos and videos and are posted from the native publishing platform of facebook. When someone opens an instant article, they read it in the Facebook app itself and that too without leaving the Facebook app.

If you want to use it, then this question must have come in your mind, what is its pros and cons. Meaning what is the use and what is the harm due to using them. So we tell about it below so that your doubt can be clear. When you know properly about its advantages and disadvantages, should you use facebook instant articles or not? Will be able to take the right decision about it.

Advantages of using Facebook Instant Articles (Pros).

ANALYTICS: According to our research, the Facebook team stated at lunch time that Instant Articles is compatible with comScore, Google Analytics, and Omniture. In this task, you will be able to easily check your traffic report by using Google analytics in it.

FORMATTING: Facebook has promised to improve the format of Instant articles. He has also said that by optimizing in it, he will give a much better look. Now you can customize your article in it and give it a better look.

ADVERTISING: It is good news for all of you that if you show ads in your instant article, then you will get 100% of its revenue. That is, there was no commission to show facebook ads. If you sell ads, facebook will charge 30% commission for this. You can easily show Adsense ads in it or you can also use other ad networks.

LOAD TIME: Facebook says that instant article will load 10 times faster than site article. For this, they have optimized it very well. The Wall Street Journal narrated that during the test it was found that the average time to load facebook instant article is from 0 to 3 second.

INCREASE TRAFFIC: because many people use facebook app in their phone and they will be able to read instant article easily in the same app. Normally, when we share our post on facebook, people ignore it. Because they know that when they click on it, the link will be open in the browser. But clicking on the instant article will open the article in the facebook app itself and will be able to read.

IMPROVING SHARES: Instant articles get more and more shares in facebook. The reason behind this is that when someone wants to read by clicking on it, then it is easy to read in the facebook app itself, so people do more like being happy and share it with their friends.

INCREASE SOCIAL REACH: Like people use social networking more in mobile than desktop. Instant article will help increase your social visibility. You also know that only mobile devices have instant article shows.

Disadvantages of using Facebook Instant Article (Cons).

AD REVENUE: If you use Adsense and Infolinks to earn, then you will earn a little less in this. Because there are limits to using ads in Facebook instant article. You cannot show unlimited ads in it. So if you want to increase traffic from it and do not focus on earning, then it is right for you.

IMAGE AND VIDEO REDUCTION: When your instant article shows in a mobile device, facebook will reduce the number of image and video. I mean, only a few images will be shown in it.

LOSING CUSTOM SETTINGS AND SHORTCODES: When you use instant articles, you will lose a lot of custom sittings and shortcodes. There will not be any show in the sidebar widgets. So you will miss them.

MOBILE ONLY: Instant articles only show in mobile devices. This means you will get traffic only from mobile devices. No one can read instant article from desktop. Because it is designed for mobile only.

HARD TO CONFIGURE: You can easily setup it in your wordpress blog by using the automic plugin but if your site is on another platform then you can face technical issue.

Friends, after reading above, if you want to use instant article then you can do it. If you want to increase the traffic of your blog then this is a very good way for you. Many people use this to grow their busines. Because it is absolutely free and a very good way to get traffic.

And I hope that you have now got complete information about What Is Facebook Instant Article & Its Advantages & Disadvantages. And if you still have any questions and suggestions, then you can tell us in the comment box below.


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