How To Improve Google Search Ranking [Step By Step]

Do you want to know How To Improve Google Search Ranking And then you want to Get a High Rank In Google Search? So you read this article and know how to rank in Google? Get full information about it!

Today I will tell you some such essential steps here, with the help of which you will be able to do your Blog Ranking Improvement.

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Often, when new bloggers do not get traffic on their blog, they think that blogging is probably not their thing and they even think about leaving it under tension.

How To Improve Google Search Ranking

But, if you are serious about Blogging, and want to see your blog in the top ranking in Google, then you have to pay attention to the factors that make your website slow. Also you have to make some changes in your blogging methods.

How To Improve Google Search Ranking?

Whenever someone starts doing #Blogging, he once asks “how to improve website ranking on google?” Surely find the answer to this question.

To get our website ranked good in google, we have to pay attention to many factors of our blog. Today we will talk on those essential parts.

Blog Rank improves only when an article on our blog gets more traffic, then it is more important for you to know “how to rank blog post on google”.

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Because, when your blog post ranks on the first page of Google, then the ranking of your site increases automatically. So let’s know how to rank your blog in Google Search Result Page?

1. On-Page SEO!

It is very easy for Google to ‘read’ an SEO Friendly Site and the more information Google can ‘understand’ about a website, the higher its chances of achieving a ranking.

This is the reason, you will also have to work on the ‘on-page SEO’ of your blog. On-Page SEOs are a way to make your website Search Engine friendly.

2. Internal Links!

Whenever you post a new article on your blog, you must also add a link to your old articles in it, this is called ‘Interlinking’.

Using internal links between your articles is a great way to tell Google about your page what a page is about?

This is also good for the readers who visit the blog because they also get other related information on your website and increase the click-through-rate of your page.

3. Quality Content!

You should publish only unique and original post on your website. This is one of the most important factors for successful sites.

Therefore, you should also pay attention to the quality of your post and avoid copy-pasting from any other website.

4. Loading Time!

Although it depends on your technical SEO (eg: use of WP themes, WP Plugin), but still you should pay attention to it, because fast loading site gets better Google Rank than any Slow Website.

Due to the decrease in website speed, the CTR on your page also increases and your Bounce Rate is also low.

To increase the speed of your WordPress site, you can use the Best Cache Plugins For WordPress.

5. Mobile Friendly!

Ever since the Internet came on mobile, it was easy for people to get new information and today most people use their mobile to search anything in Google.

Therefore, if it is about the high ranking of the blog, then it is important for your blog to be mobile friendly, because Google is now giving more preference to those websites which provide a good mobile experience to the mobile users.

6. Submit your site to Google Search Console!

Google Webmaster Tool becomes very important for Blogger’s, as it helps in fast indexing your website in Google Search.

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Search Console gives information about your website to Google and with its help you can also find out which keyword is ranking your page in SERP.

With the help of Webmaster Tool, you can submit your Blog Sitemap and remove unwanted posts from your website. You can also take help of tools like ‘fetch as google’ and ‘robots tester’ to rank it on Google.

Why is High Ranking Important for Blogs?

Getting a good ranking is not easy, but by doing a few SEO practices, you can come to the first page of Google. Once you get a high rank on the search engine, it is beneficial for your blog in many ways.

1. Becoming Trust Among New Users!

All is the most popular search engine in the world, and today for any knowledge, first of all they come to Google, because they know that the information they are looking for will be found on Google.

When a user sees your site on the first page in Google Search, they feel that it is a popular and trustworthy website!

2. High Blog Rank = High Traffic!

It is not necessary to tell me that first traffic will be to blog traffic, because the higher your ranking, the more organic traffic you will be able to get from Google.

3. High Traffic = More Money!

Maybe I am wrong in this matter, but if you have started Blogging, in addition to sharing knowledge, you must have thought about your Savings Account as well:)

4. Also good ranking on other Search Engine!

In today’s time, Google is not the only option to search, many Smartphone companies have their own Search Engine App. In which Google is involved in one way or the other, if not then all other search engines also follow almost the same SEO rules that Google uses for its search engine.

Once you find a good ranking positions on Google, it is confirmed that your site will get good ranking in other search engines as well.

Google constantly updates its Indexing Results and Search Algorithm, so as to give the best result to the users.

Your goal as a blogger is to create a great site, which gives users the right information for their searched keywords. With every updated algorithm, Google can understand your content much better on which subject your website is written.

It takes some time for any site to get high Google ranking, if you keep working with the right way and original content. I hope this article will definitely help in ranking your blog high.

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