(30+) YouTube Channel Ideas List For Beginners In india!

In this post today, I will give you (30+) YouTube Channel Ideas List for Beginners in India! I will tell you about So if you want to know about this YouTube Channel Ideas List, then keep reading this post.

As you know, if you do a search on the Internet, how to earn money online, then YouTube’s name is also included in that list. This means YouTube is also a good way to earn money from Internet.

As you all know, a lot of people also want to earn money from Youtube, but those people do not understand which topic to make a video, in this post Top YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginner Will be told about In which I will tell you about 30 Youtube Channel Ideas. If you follow them well, then in the coming time you can earn good money from Youtube.

YouTube Channel Ideas

That is why if you are thinking about making money from Youtube, then it is very important for you to know some things. Like how to create YouTube channel? How to add Youtube Par Video and much more, let’s first get a good information about them.

(30+) YouTube Channel Ideas List For Beginners In india!

Often you must have noticed that there are many such channels on YouTube which are working very hard for a long time. But they are not getting that much success. And it is because of this that those people are not able to choose a good channel category.

Suppose if I create a Tech channel today and start uploading regular videos on it, it might be that the channel gets good views because there are already a lot of tech channels on YouTube. If you are doing good work, then in such a situation, no one would like to see my channel.

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So whenever we create a new channel or you do not understand, on which topic you make a video so that your video is also viral, then today I am going to give you some such viral YouTube channel ideas. I am going to tell the category of the channel where the competition is very low, you will be able to go ahead in the career of this YouTube by making videos on them.

So I have prepared a list in which you get a lot of channel categories, you can also watch a channel according to your own, on which you can also make videos.

1. Opinion Channel

Any social issue that is going on in this category, you can give your opinion in it, just recently the issue of CAA and NRC was in trend, so if you have a good knowledge about it, then you can make that video and your logo. You can reach even.

Now you can shoot and edit videos from your smartphone in your home, so it is not necessary that you have a good setup, you can make a video in your home and give your Opinion on that issue. So in the same way, you can give your opinion on any trending topic and you can record and upload it. Such videos quickly go viral. And there will also be no shortage of topics in it. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

Note: If you have good information about them, then you start the channel or else you will not be able to grow your channel.

2. Public Reaction

This too is very similar to the above category, in that you used to give his opinion on any issue itself, and in this you will go out and take his opinion from the public about how much the public knows about them.

As CAA belonged to NRC, so many people did not know what it is, everyone is doing Protest just like that, then you can ask them why they are opposing it. What is their opinion and in this way you get content there too. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

3. Educational Channel

If you give any coaching, means students are taught. So you can make a video of it and upload it on Youtube, and it will be an advantage for you to revise the students you have and whatever you taught in that class, then they can see your video and With this, more students can learn from that video.

Now everyone’s exams are going to come, so if you start making videos right now then your channel will definitely grow. Such as Cbse 10th Maths Question Paper Practice 2020 or 12th Class Cbse Physics Paper 2020 can make many more videos, at this time your channel will grow very quickly. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

4. Personal Finance

This is the category in which you can tell the people through Youtube Video where to invest their earned money, which benefits them, when and how much money should be spent by the people, which ones when investing money Things should be known. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

And I also want to tell you that if you start a channel on this category, then you will get a lot of money according to the category and because you get very good Cpc on the keywords of Finance.

5. Comedy

If you have a team and you want to do something together with your team, then you can make a Comedy Video. People from a young child to 50 years of age also like to watch Comedy Videos.

And if you make a video with your regional language then it is even better because it happens if you attract the regional language people more. You can use Harayanvi, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Gujarati language in it. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

6. Gaming

If I tell you, there were many more such channels in the year 2019. Which completed 100k or 1m Subscribers in a very short time. Because Gaming is the category, if you play any game very well and you are a Pro Player, then you can make their videos and upload them or live stream. And can earn a lot of money.

And with this, you take Pubg for any game example, you can also make a video about the Bugs or Updates of Pubg Mobile Game. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

7. Challenge Video

In this, you can make some videos like this that you two people challenge each other and after that each of you lost, they get some punishment.

As you may have seen in many videos, in which they challenge 100-100 goals, and such videos are viewed in millions and many videos also appear in YouTube Trending. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

8. Kids Content

In this, you can make videos for children up to 1-4 years old, as children learn something from those videos, like with any Rhyming or songs, you are learning that video Abcd is telling about color and this is how You can make a video of it in Cartoon Animation.

Because this is what happens nowadays, children are much later, they already learn how to play mobile and they do not even eat food until the video is shown in the mobile, that is why in such videos, views in millions also come. I have checked such videos where 20-20 Millions views.

Yes, this is definitely something you will find hard to create Cartoon Animation Video, but the views on your channel will also be very good, instead of which you will be able to earn good money too. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

9. Agriculture

If you check the videos all over Youtube, you will get very few videos related to farming, that is because many people do not care, on such category you can make videos of some such, in which you can tell That is how to grow more crops in less space, how can some farmers increase their production more and more.

Or if someone wants to learn to cultivate how to plant mango trees or how to make rice from paddy, tell such topics well, then your channel cannot stop growing. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

10. Home Interior Ideas

In this category, you can help a lot of people who have recently taken their new home, then you can talk through the video that if the wall of the house is this color then you should put curtains of this color.

Which one should keep the same where they like to look and can tell many similar ways in decorating a house and such a video is also seen because there will be no such person that he wants his house to look dirty. Want to decorate your house or room well.

And even when I took my house, I also decorated my house by watching YouTube videos, you must have seen in my videos. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

11. Experiment Content

If you are a student of science then this category may be for you because in this you can make videos with a lot of experiment like what would happen if we mixed this chemical in water.

People like to watch such videos also because those people also have to know what would have happened if we had done this, but there is one thing when you make such videos, make it very carefully because chemical It’s not an easy thing to play with. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

12. About Your Business

In this, if you have an offline business, then you can talk about it online, like if you have a garage of a bike or car, then you can make a video video of it that if there is a defect in the car then it will be corrected in this way. So that more people who watch this video, if they go to any garage, then they can see whether it is working properly or not.

In this way, your customers will become more and in every video you make, write the name and address of your shop so that if someone wants to come there, then they can come, in this way you can grow the business. And along with this, you can also tell people how to do business. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

13. Real Estate/Architecture

If someone is thinking about taking a flat and your video will be seen while playing Youtube, then they can think about taking that flat because there are many people who have less time if you want that video. If you cover the location, cost, facilities.Etc of that flat then it can also take that flat.

And along with this, if you prepare a 3d model of any flat, then in such a situation, more people who want to get a 3d model of their flat will contact you. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

14. Travel Vlogs

If you are fond of walking or you know the names of many places worth visiting or you keep roaming mostly, then you can make a Vlog of that place that if you have to come to visit Taj Mahal, which way will you come from then it will be easy Which station will be very close to the Taj Mahal, you can create such a Vlog.

Or in that you can tell about the best place to visit in your city or you can create a Vlog there so that the new people who come to that city can be easy to roam. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

15. News Channel

You can also make a video about the news of the day, but you must upload a video daily on this channel, because all the people reading or watching daily news can know what is going on around us.

To make such videos, you can also make Voice Over videos, there are millions of views on them, because many people watch most of the time while going to their office while sitting in the bus or train, then listen or watch more than reading that news. Likes it. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

16. Celebrity Gossip

There are many such fans who like to know each and every Gossip of their favorite celebrity, what is going on in Bollywood, which actor’s new movie is coming and similar small and big Bollywood news on you Can make a video.

This year, which actor can earn the most money in a film or can even give a Movie Review, because everyone wants that when they go to watch a movie, their time and money are not wasted there. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

17. Motivation/Inspiration Videos

If you feel that you can make more people motive through your videos, then this is a good category for you because all the students and people who are preparing for a government job also like to watch Motivational Videos. Let’s do it.

18. Animation Video

If you know how to make a 3D animation video, then you can also start this channel, because whoever is well aware of how 3D animation is made, the same people can make this video and can also create a channel on it.

In 3D animation, you can make two types of videos, one is that you can make comedy videos in 3D animation videos itself like Make Joke Of or there are many videos making channels which are making a lot of money.

Or you can make a Hindi story by making a 3D animation video, that is, any such story in which there is a Moral, people have been given some education, you can make a video and grow your channel by uploading videos on YouTube. Can be. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

19. Desi Style Video

This category contains videos which are celebrated in full desi style i.e. that things of the village are shown because there will be many people who have not even seen the village how the village is, then you made a video on this topic. Can do

And that too, how exactly is a channel on YouTube in the form of Desi Style, you can make videos in Desi style by becoming on YouTuber, you can check their channel for more information. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

20. Magic Tricks

If you know many such tricks that after showing someone else that people said that what magic you have shown, then you can open a YouTube channel in the same way in which you can show your magic tricks. Could.

21. Love Tips

If you can tell people that Girlfriend Kaise Banaye? Or you can tell the tricks of this way to the people, in that you can also create your videos and upload them on YouTube, there are many people who like watching such videos.

Nowadays everyone wants to have a girlfriend, that’s why let’s search on Google too, so you can start your own channel today by creating videos and grow the channel.

22. Study Related Channel

Now we will think something like this already, there are many study channels, so why watch our videos, then see if we go to Coaching also, we will go to the same teacher who taught us.

In the same way, if you feel that you can teach the students of your video well, then it will definitely take some time to start the channel but you will also get success. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

23. Book Summary 

There is a lot of difference between Study Channel and Book Summary Channel and that is that Book Summary means that we are Rich Dad Poor Dad or any other kind of book that adds value to our life.

Telling what he has written in short is called Book Summary. So by making some such videos, you can also earn money from Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

24. Interview

The way many people interview successful people, you can make your YouTube channel videos in the same way. But before that you also have to do something good in your life so that people can reach you.

And when you want to call any successful person for your YouTube video, then you will be ready to make a video with you. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

25. Tutorial about Online Works

You can teach people some things that you have learned and you are earning money only by doing such things as Blogging, E-Commerce, Graphic-Design, Video Editing.Etc

If you have learned any of these things and you are making money in these ways, then you have also learned more about it and how to earn money in this way or how to learn these things through YouTube Video Can be learned.

26. Parenting

Today – tomorrow’s parents also have to know anything, they search the internet and take information about it. Now even if you want to name the children.

So you can start such a YouTube channel, in which you can tell them how to treat children, what to teach children, if the child has any bad habits then how to overcome them. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

27. Home Appliances Repairing

If any important item of our house is defective, then do a search on the Internet about it once. So you can make a video about how to repair Home Appliances.

For example, if the stove of someone’s house has gone bad, you can make a video about it and upload it on that YouTube, whoever needs it will definitely watch your video.

28. Pets

There will be many of you who would like to keep pets or keep them in your house, then you can make videos of those people. How to care for them, what to do when they get sick,

You can make this kind of video. At this time in India also people like to watch such videos, which also have pets. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

29. YouTube News

Just as many people enjoy learning about Bollywood’s Masala News, in the same way, many people want to know about what is going on on YouTube, but there is not enough time for everyone Watch the video

So you people can do this that you feel like you should tell this and other people all over Youtube, or if there has been any controversy, then you can make a video about it, the way Neon Man’s channel you logo Must have seen. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

30. Car & Bike Repairing 

If you have a garage or you work there, then you can make a video of whatever car or bike you repair. Because people who do not know what is wrong with their car, they get information about it.

And in your video, you can also give the address of Garage, so that your Garage will also be promoted for free and people from nearby will visit your shop. And it is also a good YouTube Channel Ideas.

I hope that whatever I did this (30+) YouTube Channel Ideas List for Beginners in India! You have all told that you will like it very much, and if you can make videos on any one of these categories. So you can start your channel today. And you can make money by creating and uploading videos, so if you liked this post then you must share it with your friends. Thank you.

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