10+ Best CRM for Real Estate India: A-to-Z Guide for Beginners!

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There have been numerous difficulties in recent years. Our lives have suffered detrimental effects in several sectors, including the financial one. Real estate has remained one of the top investment options for people seeking ways to save money.

Realtors have a great deal on their plates due to the real estate sector going through one of its largest booms in history. Even though professional experience and strong relationships are helpful, they are frequently insufficient to manage a developing business successfully. Fortunately, estate brokers are no longer traveling alone. They have excellent CRM for Real Estate India at their disposal.

CRM for Real Estate India enables realtors to recognize, connect with, and serve new and recurring clients. It might be essential to maintaining control and keeping up with the competition.

CRM for Real Estate India

Today’s article focuses on the same,i.e, “10+ Best CRM for Real Estate India” The articles entail each bit of information necessary for you to know.

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10+ Best CRM for Real Estate India

There are many various configurations and tools available for real estate CRM software. Finding the best answer is difficult, so we’ve employed a set of predetermined criteria to assist us.

The below 10+ Best CRM for Real Estate India was created after considering user-friendliness, functionality, features, pricing, integrations, and customer support.

1. Salesforce

For several reasons, Salesforce is the best 2022 CRM Real Estate Platform. The program includes sophisticated capabilities, user-friendliness, automated workflows and permissions, third-party app connection, and much more.

  • Features
  • Options for customization: Salesforce can be altered to fit your needs. Using point-and-click tools or code choices for extensive customization is the best method. Utilize the plethora of capabilities Salesforce offers to add email templates, individual tabs and fields, improved dashboards and reports, and automated task management.
  • Automated workflows and approvals: With the straightforward point-and-click interface, you can automate business procedures and set up email alerts that are sent automatically for agreements based on size. It can also automatically allocate responsibilities as a contract develops.
  • Integration of third-party apps: Numerous third-party apps can be used directly by Salesforce. Salesforce’s app store will show you compatible and integrable apps that enable you to carry out various duties, such as handling offline contacts, slideshows, and pitches without fuss, as well as getting access to marketing materials.


  • Customizable dashboards and reports
  • Contact and lead management
  • managing sales opportunities
  • Easy of use
  • Automated workflows and approvals


  • Not appropriate for small businesses or teams
  • Expensive
  • Pricing
  • Essentials — $25
  • Professional — $75
  • Enterprise — $150
  • Unlimited — $300

2. LionDesk 

LionDesk quickly passed our evaluation test, earning a respectable ranking on our list. It is a market-leading CRM platform that provides valuable tools and features to assist you in managing your organization.

  • Features
  • Easy-to-use UI – LionDesk’s user interface makes managing your real estate firm a breeze. You can get started because it is well-designed and easy to use. It provides a highly customized dashboard that will keep all the information you require close at hand, from the tasks and activities of your contacts to sales data and previous transactions.
  • Outreach tools: With only a few taps, you can deliver your customers bulk emails and SMS with this CRM software. These messages can have various file types attached to them, and the system can plan and deliver them automatically.
  • Numerous integrations: This CRM solution supports several integrations that you can utilize to simplify the management of your firm. If you need to, they can assist you in expanding LionDesks’ accounting, marketing, and transaction management tools.


  • User-friendly interface
  • A range of outreach methods
  • Fantastic transaction management capabilities
  • Excellent analytics tools
  • Potential lead AI assistant
  • Many opportunities for integration


  • No free offer
  • Insufficient native integrations
  • Pricing
  • Starter bundle — $21/user/month
  • Pro+ bundle — $42/user/month
  • Elite bundle — $83/user/month 

3. Pipedrive

Nearly 100,000 organizations use the 2010 CRM platform Pipedrive. One of our tops picks thanks to its user-friendly layout, sales pipeline capabilities, distinctive integrations, kind customer service, and more.

  • Features 
  • Convenient automation: Pipedrive offers several instruments for automation that will simplify the running of your real estate firm. For instance, the software can distribute leads to available salespeople or automatically extract data about clients and properties from the web.
  • Adequate task management resources — The tools in this CRM app let you keep track of all your ongoing and planned projects. With just one tool, you’ll be able to keep and manage all your meetings, proposals, contract signings, sales, open houses, and other events.
  • Sophisticated email integration: Real estate brokers can use Pipedrive’s email integration capability to simplify various activities. They can generate leads, get in touch with those leads, plan sales, record customer encounters, take notes, and more.


  • Simple user interface
  • Live dashboards for overviews
  • Outstanding task management tools
  • Decent automation
  • Distinctive email integration
  • Amiable customer service


  • Better suited to small or medium businesses
  • Limited functionality of mobile apps
  • Pricing
  • Essential plan — $9.90/user/month
  • Advanced plan — $19.90/user/month
  • Professional plan — $39.90/user/month
  • Enterprise plan — $59.90/user/month 

4. Follow Up Boss

The real estate business is home to another well-known CRM system: Follow Up Boss. It is renowned for its practical lead outreach capabilities, marketing campaign tools, and sales pipeline automation.

  • Features
  • Excellent reporting features: This system lets you gather data and produce reports on your productivity or clientele. You may evaluate your performance with these reporting tools and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Integrating resources: Follow Up Boss is compatible with many website solutions and supports multiple app integrations. Realtors, among others, benefit most from its IDX connectivity. You can use it to keep tabs on user behavior on your website and build lists or campaigns using your gathered data.
  • Excellent mobile optimization The mobile app for this real estate CRM software is one of the best ones available. The app provides access to all your stored files and information, which is available for Android and iOS devices. This can help you keep current and locate information quickly when you’re on the go.


  • Convenient platform
  • Shareable dashboards
  • Strong analytics capabilities
  • Excellent tools for lead and agent reporting
  • Wonderful IDX integration
  • Sleek mobile application


  • Drip and limited templates
  • Expensive plans
  • Pricing
  • Grow plan — $57/user/month
  • Pro plan — $416/user/month
  • Platform plan — $833/user/month 

5. Wise Agent

A real estate agent designed the CRM program Wise Agent with other real estate agents in mind. The system was first introduced in 2002 and combined all the tools a realtor needs into a single, streamlined platform. Its thorough customer assistance is its best quality.

  • Features
  • Excellent customer service: Wise Agent is one of the few CRM solutions with round-the-clock, 24/7 customer service representatives. You can get in touch with them by phone or email and even plan urgent calls when business hours are open. They are accommodating and effective and offer top-notch help if you encounter problems with the program.
  • Specialized contact management features: The desktop and mobile apps for Wise Agent make it simple to access your contacts’ information. With a few clicks or taps, you can find out more about your contacts’ positions, addresses, and prospects’ referrals. You may also transfer all of this information into a vCard to a different party, thanks to vCard integration.
  • Numerous integrations: With the help of this CRM software’s integration options, you may do all your tasks without ever leaving the platform. The integrations it offers include Gmail, Chrome, Twitter, Mailchimp, Zillow, DocuSign, and IDX, to name a few.


  • Complete customer service
  • Straightforward dashboards
  • Time-saving resources
  • Dependable marketing tools
  • Fantastic contact management capabilities
  • A lot of integrations


  • Curve for learning
  • Expensive high-level plans
  • Pricing
  • Monthly plan — $32/month
  • Annual plan —$326/year
  • Enterprise plan — Price available upon contact

6. HubSpot

The Hub software suite, which also comprises the Service, Marketing, and CMS Hub platforms, contains HubSpot as one of its components. The software has several advantages, including tools for contact management and sales automation. But what sets this CRM software apart from the competition is its free plan, which has been chosen as one of our top free CRM programs.

  • Features
  • Fantastic free plan: HubSpot provides a full-featured, comprehensive free plan that may be precisely what your real estate business needs. The plan covers a wide range of business functions, including sales, content, ad management, user administration, and permissions. Additionally, you can test out its marketing platform for 30 days without paying anything to see if it works for you before buying.
  • Numerous free features: There are numerous helpful free features and tools with the software. Invoice template generators, email marketing tools, a variety of business layouts, reporting dashboards, and other tools are all available to you for free.
  • Easy-to-use platform: This CRM application has a transparent organization. Despite having several tools, beginners shouldn’t have any trouble using them. It also has a library full of tutorials and a sizable knowledge base where you can receive assistance if you need it.


  • Terrific free plan
  • Logical interface
  • Comprehensive knowledge foundation
  • Several features that are free
  • Scalability
  • Various client support channels


  • The free package doesn’t offer customer assistance.
  • Minimal reporting capabilities
  • Pricing
  • Free plan — $0/month
  • Starter — $45/month
  • Professional — $1,600/month
  • Enterprise — $5,000/month 

7. Real Geeks

Real Geeks, a portable real estate CRM platform, was established in 2011. It provides a vast array of practical features and tools that can be used to manage your workforce, increase sales, and expand your organization. Real Geek is an excellent tool for managing contacts and leads.

  • Features
  • Excellent lead management features: Real Geeks offers vast solutions designed to draw leads. To locate potential customers, the technology automatically screens website visitors. It divides them into groups based on factors like time spent on your website, viewing properties, location, etc. It then alerts your agents, gives them leads, and facilitates communication with brand-new clients.
  • Facebook marketing instruments: There are sophisticated Facebook marketing options with this CRM program. It streamlines ad development and combines this social network’s advertising systems. It also collects contact information from potential customers and keeps track of likes, shares, and CPC.
  • Mobile app personalization: Real Geeks’ mobile app enables you to keep track of lead activity and look for prospective clients. The software keeps track of user behavior, such as visits and saved properties, and notifies your agents as necessary.


  • Simple platform
  • Excellent tools for managing contacts and leads
  • Features for Facebook marketing in plenty
  • Individual mobile app
  • Current market reports
  • Over 3,000 integrations


  • Minimal personalization
  • Less effective client service
  • Pricing
  • Available on contact 

8. SugarCRM

More than 2 million users in more than 120 countries use SugarCRM, a California-based corporation. Due to its highly adaptable features, real estate organizations can use it to manage sales, marketing, customer support, and other functions.

  • Features
  • Highly adaptable features: SugarCRM is made to adapt quickly to the requirements and preferences of various enterprises. Fields, modules, layouts, plug-ins, and other features are customizable. To create the ideal combination for your team, you may pick from a choice of tools and connectors.
  • Incredible integration capabilities: The business released a cloud-based integration tool called Sugar Integrate. It enables automation in several areas, such as marketing, sales, e-commerce, helpdesk, and other areas, and provides a cross-application view of the consumers.
  • Tight security control: SugarCRM takes extra precautions to protect the data of its users. Information is protected by firewalls, encryption, and a multi-layered user authentication process. Motion detectors, video cameras, and breach alarms guard its data centers.


  • Flexible and adaptable attributes
  • A specialized platform for integrations
  • Dependable automation
  • Comprehensive knowledge foundation
  • Various pricing structures


  • Too large number of features
  • Limited reporting resources Learning curve
  • Pricing
  • Sugar Sell — $49/user/month
  • Sugar Serve — $80/user/month
  • Sugar Market — $1,000/10k contacts/month
  • Sugar Enterprise — $85/user/month 

9. Market Leader

With its 1999 founding, Market Leader is one of the businesses on our list with the most experience. It provides a special CRM software and website combo to assist realtors in tracking and generating leads effectively and efficiently.

  • Features
  • Customizable Websites: Market Leader provides six website themes you can alter to suit your requirements. Although the websites are made simple and easy to use, you can move, remove, and add elements as you see fit. They are now some of the best, most economical lead generation websites.
  • Convenient integration: This company’s CRM-website integration greatly facilitates lead tracking and contact management. User activity will be simple to access, and you may use it in marketing initiatives. Market Leader also offers email marketing templates and tools that organize contacts and start marketing campaigns automatically.
  • Effective mobile optimization: Market Leader provided one of the industry’s top mobile apps. It has many features and integrations that will make it easier for your agents to work remotely and keep in touch with the team.


  • Simple and user-friendly system
  • Several characteristics that are configurable
  • Numerous marketing tools and excellent CRM integration
  • A good mobile app


  • No trial offer
  • Not appropriate for larger squads
  • insufficient analytics tools
  • Pricing
  • Available on contact 

10. Salesforce

Salesforce is a fantastic choice for real estate companies seeking to expand. It has many features that can assist businesses of all sizes in enhancing client interactions and sales.

  • Features
  • Scalability: This CRM platform’s greatest asset is its capacity for expansion. To assist the expansion of your business, it provides automation, internal and external integrations, and a range of pricing options.
  • Useful analytics tools – Salesforce analyses potential leads and their behavioral patterns using AI technologies. As a result, your sales and marketing teams can cooperate to enhance their plans, change their priorities, and better serve customers.
  • Outstanding training program: Salesforce has a unique training program that lets you focus on your interests. Additionally, you’ll be able to apply your knowledge in real-world situations, identify any performance gaps, and take appropriate action to close them.


  • Versatile platform
  • Excellent analytics tools
  • Elements of good project management
  • Thorough training system
  • A lot of integrations


  • Tough to set up
  • Increasing learning curve
  • UI packed with features
  • Pricing
  • Salesforce Essentials — $25/user/month
  • Lightning Professional — $75/user/month
  • Lightning Enterprise — $150/user/month
  • Lightning Unlimited — $300/user/month 

Benefits of CRM in Real Estate!

CRM software can significantly improve your real estate firm. The most pertinent ones are listed here for your ease:

  • Better database: CRM platforms serve as central digital repositories for various data real estate businesses require. They offer simple access to information on past appointments, proposals, finalized sales, marketing campaigns, client behavior and activity, and much more.
  • Higher productivity: CRM technologies assist agents in task organization, goal visualization, workflow rationalization, and industry trend awareness.
  • Improved tactics: CRM software provides a wide range of capabilities for tracking and analyzing customer and agent performance. These tools dissect the data and generate simple reports, which help develop action plans and enhance your work.
  • Facilitated communication: CRM software provides a wealth of tools for communication that can enhance your interactions with clients and team members. In the long term, they enable your team to work together more successfully and successfully meet the needs of your clients.


Each of these software alternatives benefits real estate in its unique way. For instance, while some allow more contact flexibility, others are better at organizing paperwork. You should be able to choose two or three solutions from this list that best meet your needs in efforts to progress in real estate sales.

Try out a free version of each of these CRM for Real Estate India, or sign up for a trial to try them out. Choose after weighing how each CRM software will fit into your sales process.

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