How Electronic Signature Styles Makes Your Business Standout | The A-to-Z Guide!

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As you all know, an electronic signature, or e-signature, refers to data in electronic form, which is logically linked to other data in electronic form and which is used by the signer to sign.

So if you also have a business, and you want to grow it in a professional way, then you should also use electronic Signature. Because Electronic Signature is also a great way to stand out your business.

Electronic Signature

So without wasting any time let us know that How Electronic Signature Styles Makes Your Business Standout, so let’s start.

How Electronic Signature Styles Make Your Business Standout!

Guys as you all know, people treat their electronic or digital signatures as an afterthought, which is a massive waste of time. Those signatures are an opportunity for you to make it clear who you are, make it easy for people to contact you, and provide a place for people to learn more — about you, your business, or something you’re working on.

So, if you only include your name and contact information in your signature, you’re passing up an opportunity to connect and engage with the people. Implementing a digital signing process in your business can provide significant benefits, but you may have many questions about the methods. This is why we created this guide.

In this article, we’ll look at the critical elements of a successful electronic signature and show you how to structure them to benefit your business.

1. What Is An Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is a signature on a dedicated digital platform. It can reveal a lot about your professionalism as well as the business you represent. For professionals and business owners in various industries, a well-designed business signature is an excellent marketing tool.

These signatures streamline the process from start to finish while maintaining security and validity. So there is no reason for businesses to waste valuable time and money. Instead, a well-thought-out attestation can help you increase sales, grow your social networks, drive website traffic, or improve your email response rate.

2. Why Is Electronic Signature Essential?

They have numerous advantages over wet signatures, including speed, environmental friendliness, low cost, and traceability. They are also helpful in everyday life and business. The market for such kinds of signatures is expanding today due to global commerce, security concerns, and environmental awareness.

Every year, the world produces over 400 million tonnes of cardboard and paper. You can contribute to reducing waste by printing documents to be signed. Your use of new technology will impress your employees while also benefiting your business.

Finally, the emphasis should be on customer convenience. Consumers want more control and options when it comes to online services. Businesses can benefit significantly from e-signatures as a business tool. Here are the top four reasons why you should start using them.

Importance Of Electronic Signatures In Business!

1. Environmental Implications

You’re probably already aware that deforestation is a significant issue. But did you know that companies that use eco-friendly business practices have an advantage over their competitors? So, using e-signatures helps you attract the best hires and saves money.

2. Rapidity

If you’ve ever had to obtain a signature, you know how time-consuming the procedure can be from start to completion. Such signatures provide an instant solution, allowing the steps that follow the signature to begin immediately.

3. Security

They are sealed, stored, and protected against hackers, security breaches, and other threats.

Before electronic signatures, legal investigations relied solely on handwriting identification and witness statements. E-signatures record the time, date, IP address, and unique user identification key used when signing.

Why a Well-structured Electronic Signature Required For Your Business?

Having a professional attestation will benefit you in a variety of ways. Here are some of the reasons why you should put some effort into making one:

  • It adds a professional touch to your interaction.
  • They are processed more quickly than handwritten signature requests, which are frequently mailed.
  • Electronically signed documents are legally equivalent to handwritten signatures.
  • It serves as the digital business card and a source of your contact information, raises brand awareness, and boosts trust in your business email.
  • Digital files save paper and are easier to store.
  • Handwritten signatures are frequently less secure than digital signatures.
  • Printing and mailing costs are reduced, and contract workflows are optimized, thanks to digitization.
  • Documents that have been digitally drafted are easier to modify, reducing the contract negotiation burden before signing and enabling you to communicate with others.

In other words, a well-structured digital signature will assist you in meeting one or more of your business, marketing, or sales objectives.

Remember, a digital signature is just another way for us to present ourselves to the world, and you can always change your presentation! So now, let’s brainstorm some advantages of e-signature that you’ll be proud to display.

Why Should Your Business Use Electronic Signatures?

When we are asked to use new technology, the first question that comes to mind is – why? The same is true for an electronic signature. So when someone tells you that you should use these signatures in your business, we’ll ask the question Why?

We would never use something unless we were aware of its benefits or advantages for us. There are numerous benefits of using digital signatures that make it an excellent choice for individuals and businesses.

With the critical situation of COVID-19, and working from home has become the only option for the overall industry. As a result, everyone is going digital to run their businesses and ensure their processes find an alternate way during this difficult time, whether it’s doing business online or getting paperwork done with digital signatures.

If you haven’t already switched to such signatures, now is the time to start incorporating them into your business to improve your client experience significantly. Here are 10 advantages to incorporating into your workflow:

Advantages Of Electronic Signature In Business

  1. Saves Times

The use of e-signature shortens the turnaround time for documents. There is no need to print, scan, and post a copy, then anxiously await the recipient to sign and return it to you. Thus, a significant amount of time is wasted in the process. 

With such a type of signature, you can process time-sensitive documents in a matter of seconds. You can also retrieve your documents. Thus, such a signature ensures a significant increase in efficiency, allowing you to manage your time better.

  1. Decisions Can Be Implemented More Quickly

It is not easy to enforce decisions quickly in a big organization. First, a slew of documents must be signed and approved by various stakeholders. And, as you may be aware, the longer the signing and agreement process takes, the longer it takes for decisions to be implemented.

If you want to shorten the time between making a decision and putting it into action, you’ll need attestation to speed up the approval process. You can implement decisions much more quickly if stakeholders quickly sign off on vital documents with e-signature and give the decision a mark of approval.

  1. Increase Your Productivity

The time you save by using digital signature allows you to focus on more important tasks, making you more productive. In addition, you’ll be able to automate document flow and eliminate time-consuming tasks.

electronic signature wikipedia

For example, if you use the same documents every day, the electronic signature software will come in handy. You can create a single copy, save it as a template, and use it as needed, with minor adjustments to fit each specific case.

  1. Spend Less Money

Signing a pdf or word electronically is more cost-effective than the traditional method of managing paper documents. As a result, you save money on things like paper, printing, packaging, shipping, and mailing.

The typical wet-ink signatures contained numerous errors and inaccuracies, which could hurt companies or businesses. However, e-signatures have aided in reducing the financial impact of human error, which occurs due to signing blunders that slow everything down.

  1. Conserves Office Space

Consider how much office space you will be able to save if you stop using physical documents. For example, it will no longer be necessary for you to keep a stack of papers in every corner of your office. Instead, you can get rid of those boxes and make better use of this space.

  1. Reduce Risks Of The Document Flow

Paper documents are somewhat brittle and easily damaged. Furthermore, you may send an urgent copy, wait for it to be returned, only to discover that some signatures are missing. These risks are eliminated by using attestation.

However, an electronic signature system increases the security of your document due to its robust encryption algorithms. That is, no one else will be able to access the records without your permission.

  1. Legally defensible

Digital signatures have the same legal status as wet-ink signatures on any document, according to electronic signature laws such as The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act).

The majority of electronic signature software uses additional security features, such as bank-level encryption and biometric signature capture, to expose the signer’s true identity.

The signature also necessitates that documents be appropriately signed, with the signer obligated to fill out all blank fields before pressing the send button. Finally, document pages sent to relevant parties cannot be shuffled out of order or tampered with. These assurances of document integrity and signer identity result in a more reliable, defensive agreement.

  1. Enhance The Customer Experience

Nobody would deny that customer satisfaction is a critical factor in determining your company’s success. Your customers will be happier if you improve the efficiency of your interactions with them. Electronic signatures save clients time and make the signing process more appealing to them. They can sign documents from anywhere, anytime, and with any internet-enabled device, they prefer.

  1. Increases Eco-credentials

As more of your competitors and business rivals begin to embrace a paperless office, your inability to follow suit will start to stand out, making your organization appear increasingly out of step. In addition, customers are more ecologically conscious than ever before, and they are constantly demanding to do business with companies that take their environmental credentials seriously. Signing documents electronically, on the other hand, indicates that you are on the right track and will appeal to that clientele.

  1. Ensure Conformity With Regulatory Agencies

Complexities in monitoring paper documents may result in compliance concerns during an audit. If it is proven that a paper document, such as an agreement or contract, has been tampered with in any manner, it is likely to result in costly fines and interminable lawsuits. This element ensures the safety and security of e-signatures and also allows them to comply with numerous state and federal legislation.

When Can You Use Digital Signatures in Business?

You can use it whenever a signature is required. However, there are times when you need simplicity, security, convenience, and a low cost in practice. In these cases, an electronic signature is required.

Here are some more common instances in which using this type of signature is required:

  1. For a simple and straightforward solution

Using electronic signatures, you can streamline your HR services. You can also consider using them on time-sensitive documents such as timesheets, tax forms, and new hire onboarding forms.

  1. For security

When dealing with highly personal information, you must have complete confidence. Retention or fee agreements, confidentiality agreements, or power of attorney agreements are examples of this. An auditable trail provided by an e-signature could provide substantial insurance in these cases.

  1. For speed and convenience

Legal services, such as class action communications, may need to be distributed to hundreds or thousands of people. A quick batch of digital signatures can save you hours, if not days. In retail, such signatures could be used to make sales and sign purchase orders and invoices. It is certain to impress technologically savvy business associates and keep things moving.

  1. For cutting costs

In finance, you’re always looking for ways to save money. For example, you can use e-signatures to open, maintain, or close accounts at a lower cost by eliminating shipping fees. Similarly, by having customers sign policy agreements or claim assessments online, insurance companies can reduce their costs.

Ready To Adopt Electronic Signature?

Of course, there are even more reasons why you should use electronic signatures in your business and go paperless. However, I believe it is primarily intended to persuade you to use these signatures in your industry.

This type of signature is one of the significant technological advancements that has made our lives simpler and more accessible. Adopting such a signature not only provides you with a faster, easier, more convenient, and cost-effective signing solution, but it also contributes to the eco-friendly business.

Using an e-signature for your business is thus a fantastic idea. However, don’t delay making the right decision. Instead, incorporate an electronic signature in your business to reap the benefits.

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