Website Or Blog Ka On-Page SEO Kaise Check Kare?

Hey, today I will tell you how to do your Website Or Blog Ka On-Page SEO Kaise Check Kare. Because many people make websites and blogs. But they do not check their Website Or Blog Ka On-Page SEO. Which later proved to be very harmful to them.

By checking your website’s On-Page SEO Kaise, you know how much of your website is ready to rank on any keyword or Google. And if not, then who is that Problem? That which is preventing your website’s On-Page from Optimiz.

On-Page SEO Kaise Check Kare

First of all let me tell you if you do not do your website’s On-Page SEO Google does not rank your website properly, because Google itself says that we do not rank them in Google, such as a website that bothers the user. So you also check your Website and Blogs On-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO Kaise Check Kare?

First of all, let us know that we use a website to check the on-page SEO of our website and the client’s website. that GTMetrix has. And how does this check on-page SEO? Let’s know.

First of all, you visit the website of GTMEtrix. And type your website’s URL, and after typing, click the Analyze button.

On-Page SEO Kaise Check Kare

Or after that, GTMetrix will show you your website something like this by analyzing your website.

On Page SEO Kaise Check Kare

And as you can see, the performance scores of our website are all right. And that’s right because we Analyze your website first and have solved all these bugs.

Or when you do the On-Page SEO of your website correctly, GTMetrix turns all its signals green in something like this.

On-Page SEO

But if your website is not correct, then GTMetrix will show your website something like this? Which is a very bad report for you and your website.

On Page SEO Check Kaise kare
On Page SEO Kaise Check Kare

So friends if your website report comes up like this. So you have to solve all these problems? Only then will your website be strong from inside. And to solve all these problems you must have knowledge of some programming languages, otherwise, you will not be able to solve them.

And if you do not yet have to anticipate the website on GTMetrix, then you must watch this video of us?

But if you are not able to solve your website’s On-Page and any of its bugs, then you should contact our company today. Our company will try to correct your website as soon as possible in less time and money on your website.

So if you want to contact Oflox, call today on +919720703787. Or visit our official website Thank you very much for reading the post.

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