What Is Clickbait In YouTube, Know Its Advantages & Disadvantages?

In today’s post, I will tell you, What Is Clickbait In YouTube, Know Its Advantages & Disadvantages So if you want to know, then keep reading this post today.

YouTube is a well-known social media platform of today. Which you will know very well. But if you are a YouTube Creator, you must have heard the name of Clickbait at some time.

And it is not so. That this is only for YouTube Creator. And only YouTuber people know about it. All youTuber users, whether rich or poor and illiterate, are written about it. He is well aware of all this.

What Is Clickbait In YouTube

So without losing time, let us quickly reply to this question (What Is Clickbait In YouTube). And get all the information about it.

What Is Clickbait In YouTube?

Clickbait is not a function and algorithm of YouTube. This is the way some YouTube Creators get more views and subscribers on YouTube. If you want, it can also be called a scam. Which is done by some YouTube creators on YouTube. And it is becoming very popular today.

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Clickbait is often done on YouTube in three ways. What are those methods Let us know about them in detail.

1. Thumbnail

Often you have seen, many people keep some attractive thumbnails on their YouTube videos. Which increases the “willingness” of the user in front to click on that video. And most people also open those videos in this way.

youtube clickbait thumbnail

So the thumbnail of such video is known as youtube clickbait thumbnail.

2. Videos

Often this happens. When people do not have a video related to that keyword. But he wants to put a video on that keyword. So when this happens. And it is mostly found on New Movies and trending keywords. Like in this video I want to see “Bharat Movie” on YouTube. However, this movie is not on YouTube. But also many channels are showing this. This video of ours is a movie only. While time is wasted by putting some more videos in these videos.

So friends that are like videos. Those videos are known as “clickbait youtube videos”. And most people are doing this in today’s time.

3. Titles

Title means Keyword? Often many people do this. When they find a trending keyword or a low competition keyword. Then those people (clickbait youtube videos & thumbnail) use tricks to make videos on such keywords. Whereas often such YouTube videos have no original video.

Advantages & Disadvantages?

  • You can get good views on your video.
  • Likes will be less on your video and Dislike will be more.
  • Your subscribers will grow less.
  • The bounce rate of your video will increase.
  • video’s watch time will be reduced.
  • Your users will not come again.
  • YouTube Groth will be reduced.
  • Your YouTube Channel may also be closed by the YouTube Team.

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I sincerely hope that after reading this post you will know what is What Is Clickbait In YouTube, Know Its Advantages & Disadvantages” about all these things Detail information must have been found. Apart from this, if you still have any questions and suggestions, then you can tell us in the comment box below.

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