What is Shopify Email Marketing: A-to-Z Guide for Beginners!

In this article, I am going to tell you What is Shopify Email Marketing? so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about it, so let’s start.

Email marketing is the oldest digital marketing technique, having been around since the 1970s. It is one of the finest channels for building, nurturing, and generating leads. However, today’s article will entail details on “What is Shopify Email Marketing?”, so it’s better to emphasize that.

The growth of email marketing is enormous and exceeds all expectations. Research says 345 billion emails were sent and received each day around the world in 2021, and 376 billion are expected in 2025. Additionally, there are already almost 4 billion email subscribers worldwide, and that figure is only continuing to rise. What does this imply? This simply means Shopify email marketing has a lot more potential than you would believe.

Shopify email marketing is basically a marketing channel. It enables you to raise awareness and increase client loyalty by sending emails to your email lists without spamming them. There are several methods for properly and effectively using Shopify email marketing!

What is Shopify Email Marketing

This comprehensive article on Shopify email marketing will make you understand different aspects of Shopify email marketing. This includes its importance, challenges faced in optimization, and many more.

Let’s get started!

What is Shopify Email Marketing & Why it is important?

In the world of marketing, this subject has been debated so often that it is now taken for granted. Email marketing is essential for Shopify store owners and other e-commerce business owners as it is direct, affordable, and personal.

Still, consider it unimportant? Let’s dive into the importance of Shopify email marketing to make everything clear.

Shopify email marketing enables you to communicate with anyone straight through their mailbox. Additionally, it conveys the idea that the brand is always in contact with its audiences and that audiences haven’t forgotten about them.

The email you are sending can be personal too. For instance, you can use it like this: Hey there! Love, Happy Valentine’s Day! Here is a promo code for your Valentine’s Day celebration. As long as the company remembers the audience, it is considered a worthwhile email because it improves the company’s perception and increases audience engagement.

1. It’s inexpensive

One of the excellent features is that email marketing is inexpensive. The majority of email marketing programs provide a free trial that lasts for a set amount of time. This will not only help you become used to its capabilities but also it will improve your reach and return on investment. 

Additionally, their prices remain lower than those of other marketing outlets even after your free trial has ended.

Additionally, email marketing has the best return on investment (ROI) at 44 cents for every dollar invested in it.

2. It’s reliable

Social media marketing may sound extremely hip and alluring, but there is a considerable risk involved. The majority of social media networks often update their algorithms, which can have an impact on your reach and can cause you to quickly lose followers.

In contrast, you don’t need to be concerned about such an algorithm while using email marketing. Furthermore, you don’t have to depend on stuff. You can use your personal contact list to your advantage because it is yours. This ensures consistency in Shopify email marketing, which benefits you with higher returns.

3. It’s powered by data

The Shopify email marketing app allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your email campaigns. This may include the open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, and unsubscribe rate.

Regularly enhance campaign 

performance by using these statistics. For instance, do you notice a lower open rate? As you improve them, A/B test your email subject lines. Is the click-through rate low? Work on individualized CTAs. Is the conversion rate low? Work on making your landing pages more effective. Do you see a high rate of unsubscribes? Analyze how often you send emails.

Solutions have been mentioned, and they are unequivocally evident and undebatable. You’ll find it easier, and you can focus on honing your email marketing efforts.

Challenges with Shopify’s email marketing

We want you to be equipped to handle the problems that come with Shopify email marketing. Again, these difficulties are easily handled; you simply need to know where to go to get over them without much trouble.

So here are some difficulties you could experience:

  • low rates of email delivery.
  • lower open rates
  • and high reports of spam.
  • low levels of clickthrough.
  • high rates of unsubscribers.

How To Improve Your Shopify Store’s Email Marketing?

Though there are numerous aspects to improve, Shopify Email Marketing enlisted below adds the most in improving the same.

1. Subject Lines

The first thing that is noted by potential consumers prior to even opening your emails is the subject lines. Subject lines are important factors in determining your open rate.

If your subject lines are unsuccessful, your Shopify email marketing efforts will undoubtedly be unsuccessful. Put your all into it, then! Create the ideal subject line for your emails by going above and beyond!

But why are subject lines important? Well, due to the daily influx of hundreds of emails into inboxes and the lack of time to go through each one to determine if the information is relevant or not, subject lines are more crucial than ever.

Therefore, grab their attention with an engaging subject line. Always avoid using clichés; don’t copy others’ content. Note that your emails will not be effective no matter how smart they are if they are not opened. So it’s better to prioritize on subject lines or be ready to face consequences.

2. A/B testing

Many of you have come across this test numerous times while learning about other marketing tactics or in other aspects too. If you haven’t practiced the A/B test, you should start now.

A/B testing must be taken into consideration as it is a crucial thing in any kind of marketing. In Shopify email marketing it is an amazing way to improve open and click-through ratesA/B tests everything about your email, starting from subject lines to CTAs. A thorough split test will always give you the answers you are looking for!

A/B testing is the only way to create a better version of your emails, which can also increase engagement and revenue. You’re unaware of the fact that your Shopify email marketing campaigns perform much better when you make even little modifications to your content. 

Now the question arises, why should you test? The below-listed points will make this query clear.

  • Subject lines for emails
  • The length of your subject lines
  • CTAs
  • Email templates
  • Content
  • Visuals
  • Emails with and without images
  • Personalization of your emails

3. Create mobile-friendly email templates

A good user experience is guaranteed by emails that are mobile-friendly. But many marketers don’t take it seriously, unaware of the fact that mobile devices account for 68% of opened emails. Therefore, if you want better reach, it is necessary. Nobody wants to exert themselves by repeatedly adjusting the screen’s magnification to view your material. Therefore, it is your responsibility to help them increase their involvement.

Your focus should be on making each aspect mobile-friendly. This includes preview text and subject lines too. Avoiding or denying this feature can cost more than 50% of your CTR.

The following are some difficulties emails encounter when read on a mobile device:

  • If it’s not mobile responsive, images are automatically disabled.
  • Different smartphone models could support responsive design differently.

These things occur because they are distinct from what a desktop or laptop user would need. And for this reason, you must design your emails to be mobile-friendly.

4. Best time to send emails

Every action has a proper time, and your Shopify email marketing campaigns are no exception! To broaden your audience and boost your exposure, you need to be aware of the best time to send emails.

Most email marketers say the greatest time to send emails is on Thursdays between 8 and 9 am, while the worst time is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 8 and 10 am.

Additionally, the time varies depending on the subscribers’ chosen device. For instance, PC users are often online from the morning until midday, while mobile users are online as well in the evening.

The most important thing you can do to ensure the success of your email marketing is to understand your demographics. They are your target market, therefore you must be aware of and responsive to their needs.

Examples of where you might deviate from choosing the ideal time:

  • Avoid sending emails at all hours of the night if you’re aiming your marketing at the youthful, tech-savvy demographic.
  • Even younger audiences may respond well to evening emails.
  • Keep in mind the time zone of your target demographics because you will need to adjust the time your emails are sent based on where your receivers are located.

What is the optimum time to send emails, then? It depends on who you’re targeting.

I am aware that the response is inapplicable. However, you may always send test emails to find it by doing it by hand. This will make you aware of the time when your targeted audiences are active.

How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Software For Your Shopify Store?

If you have a Shopify business, you may have looked up the finest Shopify email marketing app on the website. You would have received more than 500 results as a consequence.

But how do you pick one that provides the characteristics you require?

Let’s look at a few essential features that a Shopify email marketing software must have.

1. Inbox Deliverability

What’s the use of launching email campaigns if they wind up in spam folders instead of inboxes? Your time, effort, and money will be wasted in the end! Therefore, having a high inbox deliverability rate is essential in a Shopify email marketing app!

Give your emails a chance to be opened by the receiver before considering open rates, click-through rates, and other analytics. As said, your inbox deliverability rate should be high to achieve this.

2. A/B Testing 

It is definitely a must-have feature your email marketing campaign should have.

3. Responsive Email Templates

Your marketing software must have responsive email templates with a drag-and-drop editor. Additionally, neither mobile responsiveness nor altering them will be a concern.

4. Strong Lists and Segmentation

Direct import of your contact list into the app should be possible without any issues. The program may then automatically divide your lists into several groups. By doing this, you may send emails that are specifically targeted, which will eventually boost your rate of return.

5. Insights

You should be able to enhance your email campaigns by using the analytics provided by the Shopify email marketing software, such as open rates, click-through rates, new subscriber rates, unsubscribe rates, and many more.

Shopify email marketing software must have these fundamental and essential capabilities to advance your email marketing strategy.

How to Build Your Shopify Email List?

One of the crucial aspects to focus on if you want to succeed with Shopify email marketing is As for sending emails, you need to have some subscribers.

So, how can you get them to sign up for your emails? The following points will help in the same:

1. Exit-intent pop-ups

Everybody has encountered pop-up windows that show up on their screens as soon as they visit a website. Exit pop-ups target visitors who leave your website without making a purchase, making them a less obtrusive method of promoting your email list.

However, its purpose is obvious, and the majority of the time, it is successful in capturing the attention of the visitor to the departing page! By using this type of Shopify email capture, you may use this technique to attract your website visitors’ attention back to it and convert them into useful email subscribers.

2. Include an opt-in box on your homepage

Pop-ups are helpful, but you can also get people to sign up for your email campaigns by simply including an opt-in email form on your site. Additionally, add a sign-up form at the footer and bottom of your website. Once more, the visitor may see this as they scroll down the website.

3. Build a landing page for sign-up forms

Landing pages offer a compelling incentive for visitors to join your email list and allow you a bit more area to describe your product or the advantages of joining the email list.

A landing page for an email should have social evidence to establish trustworthiness. This might be a recommendation for your product, a star rating, or even simply a quick summary of how often people have subscribed to your email list.

4. Conduct a giveaway contest 

An effective strategy for getting people to give you their email addresses is to hold a contest. Additionally, contests have the advantage of being highly shareable, which encourages participants to spread the word about your Shopify business to their own networks.

Making your email list engaging and enjoyable to join is all you need to do for it to be the fastest method to grow.

Additionally, to run a competition to expand your email list, consider these points:

  • Make the prize deserving of their interest.
  • Include social media sharing buttons.
  • Develop a theme that will resonate with your intended audience.
  • A countdown can help convey the urgency of the event.
  • Observe the outcomes.

5. Give them what they desire 

The reward for signing up for the email list does not have to be directly connected to a purchase. Your target market may occasionally be unsure of what they want to buy; they may be at the awareness stage of a problem but unsure of how to solve it.

You need to find out what kinds of difficulties your audience is currently facing. Then you may provide content that points them in the direction of your products while also helping them solve their problems.

People may be strongly motivated to join your email list by this kind of material. Additionally, it builds trust in your reputation as a subject-matter authority.

In addition to all of these approaches, working with an email marketing firm is the ideal way to go about it.

There are several organizations, and some are more effective than others in providing the services they promise. You should make sure they have a solid reputation if you want to choose one that will accommodate your needs in terms of price and timetable.

This is how you gradually expand your Shopify email list.


Wrapping up, Shopify email marketing is one of the best ways to grab users’ attention for your Shopify store. This will boost your store engagement and ultimately lead to a higher conversion rate. The different aspects which will help you to make your Shopify email marketing campaign successful are listed above. Definitely, it’s helpful.

Does it feel like we missed something? Drop your recommendations in the comment box below or reach out to us directly.

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